Supports Real-Time Stock Tracking Applications

The RFID technology is used for stock or consumables' entry/exit procedures. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology allows the monitoring of the entry of the drugs, materials, and devices to the warehouse, counting them faster and more accurately and making them independent from time and place by means of mobile applications. Mobile and wireless solutions are used to provide access to information at any time from any service of health care organizations.

High accuracy and speed are ensured by scanning the electronic product codes (EPC) which are located on the products and produced by a unique coding system that defines the product as a single and unique entity in the world by RFID readers on the portable tablet PCs. Real-time stock tracking can be performed via mobile applications.


Barcode System is Used for Stock or Consumables' Entry/Exit Procedures

Entries and exits of the stock or consumables are done via barcode readers. The EAN barcodes on the products are read by the barcode reader and transferred to the system instantly and thus, the stock movements are easily monitored. Increasing the data entry rate makes the system more economical by reducing labor costs. Barcode System prevents the errors caused by manual reading, collection, recording, and transfer of information.

Offers an Effective Stock Planning and Management

Effective stock control and planning is provided by following the inventory amount, entry/exit quantities, order quantities, minimum and maximum stock amounts of all service stores of the health institution. Critical stock levels are taken into consideration, orders are planned, and products at critical levels are supplied.

For each material, maximum and safety stock levels can be assigned. The usage frequency of stock and materials can be reported. Price entries and cost calculations are made for stock or consumables.

Stock Lists and Lists of Current Transfers Can Be Created

Stock transactions in the stores of all the services can be queried in the desired date range and their reports can be printed out. Stock and current transaction transfers of companies from which medication, material, etc. products are purchased can be performed. The statistics of actual stock and current transfers can be printed out in various report formats.

Quality Certificates of Products in Stock Can Be Monitored

Quality information and quality registration documents of the companies from which the products and products in stock are purchased are recorded on the system. According to the requesting services, a Certificate of Necessity can be arranged, an automatic need can be created, queries can be made according to the status of approval, the date of the request, the date of approval and the number of the receipt. The inspection report is prepared at the end of the inspection done while delivering the materials. Debit follow-up is performed in relation to the delivered materials. Distribution of the materials coming to the service stores is made and the Material Distribution Document is issued through the system.