The SisoHIS Emergency Action Module is a complex module in which all procedures in the emergency room are recorded and the operation can be programmed depending on the urgency of the situation. The module works in integration with the Ministry of Health and helps to use time more effectively by means of in-system communication. All Emergency Room actions are converted to statistically significant data and reported in various formats.

It Is Possible to Create Shift Schedules


The contact information of the personnel in the emergency room and the personnel from other departments who are on call are recorded in the database via the SisoHIS Emergency Action Module. This information is only updated within the authorized user password. The personnel on call are queried based on the criteria entered according to the shift service and day.

112 Emergency Service Module Works Integrated with the Ministry of Health's System

112 Emergency Service module works integrated with the system of the Ministry of Health. Emergency services are used more effectively by sharing 112 Emergency Service information working at the level of Provincial Health Directorates to ensure in-system communication. Empty bed or device information can be accessed online according to the services in the hospital.

The Priority Actions of Emergency Units Are Performed

The health information of the patients coming to the emergency room is checked by querying in the system. If the patient has no registration, first the registration process is completed. The necessary warnings are made for the diseases that have to be reported to the patient. Requests from the emergency department such as surgery, appointment, and examination are taken to the priority transaction order within the whole system.

The blood request made from the emergency room is automatically added to the list of requests in the Blood Bank Module. Warnings are automatically given by the system to give priority to the transactions from the emergency room. The patients who are submitted to the Emergency Room first (including patients without social security) automatically have their hospitalization and referral procedures done.

A Detailed List of Patients Arriving in the Emergency Department Is Taken

In the Emergency Action Module, patients arriving in the emergency room are listed. Patients' data entries and examination requests are made. The patient's information, as well as a digital photo of the patient, is displayed on the screen. Patients who are searched with specific queries are listed. Lists can be filtered with filter options such as patients without protocol, patients not diagnosed, patients referred and pay patients.

Graphical Lists of Services Provided to the Patients Can Be Obtained

Using the Emergency Action Module, the services provided to the patient such as the drugs applied, the laboratory results and the request images received via PACS are queried according to the room, examination and date criteria in the desired time period and the desired type of graphical documents are created. The patient's fever, pulse, blood pressure, respiration values, and fluid values are queried according to the criteria of the last twenty-four hours or the last week. The graphical data lists are obtained.