Oral and Dental Health Module is designed to record all the procedures related to oral health of the patient. Notes can be taken on the tooth model on the system. The module works integrated with the whole structure.

Marking Can Be Done on the Modeled Teeth

Both temporary and permanent teeth can be modeled and models can be marked. Gingival and dentine deformations can be recorded by marking on denture model. Descriptions and plans can be entered on the model after making detailed analyses. Treatment times, related physician's information and decision information are recorded on the system.


Oral Diagnosis, Planning, Examination and Treatment Records Are Kept

Oral Diagnosis, Planning, Examination, and Treatment charts can be compared and the related records can be kept. The oral and dental health information to be recorded in the patient's health file, oral examination, examination results, treatments, diagnosis, prescribed medications, etc. are recorded electronically. Patient's Private Health information and all the information on his/her dental structure are recorded in detail.

Warehouse, Stock, and Inventory Follow-Up of Materials Can Be Done

Entrance-exit, stock, and request operations of all kinds of materials used in the oral and dental treatment such as dentures can be carried out. The materials used are automatically deducted from stock in the warehouse. If the stock approaches the risk level, the user is warned by the system. Warehouse, stock, and inventory follow-up are done according to the Movable Goods Regulation (MGR). It works integrated with the Device Tracking Module and the status of the devices in the unit can be monitored in detail

Appointment Cancellation and Update operations are available


Appointment cancellation and update operations are done by working integrated with the patient registration module and appointment systems. With the Appointment System, patients are prevented from waiting in line in front of clinics. Treatment and laboratory result reports can be sent to the patient via e-mail or SMS. Dental images of the patient prepared numerically can be transferred directly to a CD.