Purchasing and Tender Transactions Are Performed Together

All tender and purchasing transactions can be made electronically on SisoHIS. In the Purchase Module, information on the procurement process of services, medicines, medical supplies, and consumables of health institutions/organizations are recorded.


The SisoHIS Purchase Module, which is regulated in accordance with the Public Procurement Law, enables the purchasing and tender processes such as the approximate cost determination, procurement, automatic invoicing, and accounting to be done in a computerized, easy and fast manner.

Most of the Tender Preparations Are Carried out Electronically

All preparation stages of the tenders can be followed step by step through the Purchase module. Information regarding the process, such as price surveys, correspondence with companies in the preparation process, tender content, technical and administrative specifications, and tender commissions are recorded during the preparation phase.

Tender Documents Are Examined Electronically

Tender documents can be examined electronically via the Purchase Module and explanations about documents can be created and recorded. The documents submitted by the participating companies to the commissions are controlled electronically. Tender files can be grouped and monitored on a yearly basis. In addition, special offers can be made for tenders that can be submitted partially in the module. The participation of the participating companies in the tender is recorded with the date and time of the participation and the tender participation protocol are prepared automatically.

The Entire Tender Process Is Documented Step by Step in Detail

At the beginning of the tender process, file receipt information obtained from companies as well as the commission delivery record information is recorded using the Purchase Module. As a result of the tender evaluations, the Evaluation Exclusion Protocol is issued for the companies which are left out of assessment. The documents submitted by the companies to the commission are checked electronically and document control information is recorded. Document control protocol can be issued within the framework of document control information.

Working Files Can Be Issued Based on Different Tender Types and Procedures

Transactions can be carried out according to the current purchasing types such as Service Procurement, Goods Purchase, Consultancy Service Procurement, and Construction Works as well as tender types. According to the tender types including open tender, tender to predetermined bidders, bargaining procedures, direct supply, and tendering procedure “To be determined later”, new work files may be issued within or outside the scope of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) Law No. 4734

Approximate Cost Is Calculated

Proforma offers are taken from companies to determine the approximate cost and received invoices are recorded. The requested reports can be printed out. According to the approximate cost determination in the Purchase Module, the approximate cost report is automatically prepared. Approximate cost is determined according to the lowest price, average price or high price. According to the approximate cost determination, the Temporary Guarantee Amount is automatically calculated by the system.

Comparison Charts Are Created in the Purchase of Stock or Consumables

SisoHIS Modules (Stock, Inventory, Pharmacy, Accounting) work integrated with the Certificates of Necessity. For the materials to be procured or purchased, Certificates of Necessity are automatically organized. In purchasing transactions of stocks or consumables, Comparative Charts are created on an item or group basis, by comparing with previously offered prices, based on the prices and discounts given.

Company Qualification Can Be Examined

The Job Experience Document submitted by the company to the commission is evaluated and explanations about whether it is sufficient or not are recorded. Temporary Guarantee Control can be performed and explanations about whether the company is qualified or not are recorded. If the documents submitted by the companies to the commission are incomplete, the necessary records are created, the reasons are recorded and the company is prevented from continuing the tender proceedings. Tender records can be created together with their contents and reasons (date, time, number, subject, type). If the company is qualified, the Qualification Decision shall be recorded.

Successful Tenderers Are Invited to Make a Contract

In the Purchase Module, a list of the companies which will be notified of the tender decision is taken and the companies are notified of the tender result. The lists of the companies that won the tender, the list of tender items and the outputs of these data can be printed out. The contract text can be displayed with detailed information of the company or companies invited to the contract. Exact order operations can be performed. In order to indicate in the annex of the Commission decision, the Company Winning Certificates are automatically prepared, including the items the companies win, the amounts they bid and other information. Agreements to be made with the companies can be prepared automatically through templates.

Orders of Approved Stock or Consumables Requests Can Be Given

In the Purchase Module, the approval certificate is prepared automatically according to the relevant budget items. Approved stock or consumable requests can be sent to the order and the order can be printed out to be sent to the company. Current status of the given orders (expected, delayed, customs, inspection, acceptance, etc.) can be monitored.

An Inspection Report Is Prepared During the Delivery of the Material

Upon the delivery of each material which is ordered by using the Purchase Module, an inspection report is prepared after the inspection is performed. Material quality, company service, after-sales support, timely, incomplete, late, and defective delivery information is kept on the basis of the materials and the company from which the materials are received. The company may create one or more Certificates of Accrual for payments. Payment is made with the approval of the relevant receipts by the accounting department. In addition, the payments are monitored and incorrect transactions are prevented.