SisoHIS Accounting Module is the module where all accounting procedures of the hospital are planned and implemented. In this module, accounting accounts to be used in accounting transactions can be created, the status of accounts created can be monitored and connections with other units' modules can be made. The module is integrated with all SisoHIS system and works without any additional tools.

Accounting Account Chart

Accounting accounts are used for all financial transactions made within the health institution. Accounting Accounts Chart is used to create and edit accounting accounts. With the Accounting Account Chart, account creation, editing procedures, and viewing general account status can be performed for all accounting transactions to be made in the hospital. When creating the Accounting Account Chart, the account cards used in accounting are defined. A code and a name are defined for each account. Receivables or debts on the account can be viewed. If you have a linked budget and an ancillary account, connections of the related account can be performed.


Accounting Account Cards

The accounting account cards with the account information are created via the accounting module. Using the SisoHIS Accounting Module, transactions between the dates can be viewed via the Account Cards. Unlimited sub accounts can be defined. It is possible to calculate the declaration and inflation difference. In the system, the old data can be queried according to the criteria determined by the user.

Cost Accounting and Inflation Accounting

Calculations of cost accounting and inflation accounting can be done by using the module. Unit Consumable Material and Inventory Costs, and Fixed Asset Unit Cost can be calculated.

Daily Works of the Pay Desk


Financial status transactions related to patients can be queried at the desired date intervals on the basis of the pay desk or user. The daily work of the pay desk can be accounted for in an integrated manner with the Pay Desk Module. Inventory accounts such as deposits and advance payments can be tracked. The files of the collected invoices or the fees of the paid patients can be feedbacked and the files are transferred to the archive.

Fixed Asset Inventory Chart

The module works integrated with the Fixed Asset Management Module. In this way, tracking, reassessment, and depreciation accounting of the fixed asset inventory can be made. Net value increase and depreciation offsets can be created automatically. Fixed asset definitions can be made.

Accounting Receipts

Accounting receipts and remittance letters can be edited and the receipt entries can be processed into accounts. List of accounting receipts and accounting receipt details can be obtained. Accounting temporary receipts, accounting temporary receipt list, and detail list can be created. Demand evaluation commission can be established.

Taxes Are Calculated Automatically

According to the tax types defined by the SisoHIS Accounting Module, tax deductions are automatically calculated and written to the receipt during the payment receipt entry transactions. A temporary receipt can be prepared and tracked by a separate wage number. Temporary receipts are canceled when the finalized receipts are converted to the accounting receipts.