Basic and Detailed Information About Drugs Can Easily Be Reached


Medication and consumable cards created using the Pharmacy Module provide access to basic information about medications and consumables. Optionally, introductory visuals for medications and consumables can be added to the basic information screen.

The module includes information about whether medications are actively used, whether they are imported, and information about the type of prescription (Normal, Red, Purple, Green). Detailed information about medications is reached. The medication count sheet and record are organized. Medications can be queried according to criteria such as vendor code, active code, equivalent code, indication code, as well as being in balance or not.

Works Integrated with the Medication Tracking System

The SisoHIS Pharmacy Module works integrated with the MTS (Medication Tracking System). Two-dimensional barcodes also called data matrix that can hold high amounts of data, ensure access to all past information of medications, as well as providing traceability and inventory tracking. With MTS, reimbursement institutions ensure that each box of medicine is paid at once. In addition to the EAN barcodes on drug boxes, drug tracking is performed with two-dimensional secondary barcodes. Two-dimensional barcode content includes information such as barcode number, drug serial number, sequence number within the drug series, production date, and expiration date. Thus, each box is considered to have a unique number of drugs carried by an identifier. This information can be accessed by reading the barcode.

RFID Technology Is Supported for Medication Tracking

Pharmacy Module supports RFID technology for inventory tracking as well as supporting barcode system. The inventory tracking method with RFID is planned to be used in the future as it can be easily integrated with two-dimensional barcodes to be implemented in parcels. With the help of RFID readers on the devices, it is desirable to perform the counting and monitoring of the medications and materials in a shorter time.

Treatment Profile of Medications Can Be Displayed

Medication treatment applied to each patient can be viewed in detail using the Pharmacy Module. Drug-item control is performed according to the number of days determined for each patient. Medications requested from the services and active ingredient lists are displayed. Medications that have been requested in the specified date range can be queried. Input movements, final invoice, and last order information of medications can be followed. All drug treatment lists, requests, and drug prescriptions are displayed on discharge prescriptions of patients.

Dosage Calculations of Medications Can Be Made

Drug doses of the inpatients and outpatients requested by the physician, start and end time of the request, medications that are canceled or changed on the basis of the patient and special medications are monitored via the module. The drug requests may be displayed together with the requesting user section. If the unused drugs are selected from the list or requested, the user requesting is warned by the system. Dosage control is also carried out for the antidotes of poisonous substances.

Critical and Average Stock Levels of Medications Can Be Calculated


Stock levels and stock movements are analyzed in the periods based on the date range determined in the module to calculate consumption amounts. The lists of drugs below the critical level can be printed out. Orders can be created according to the vendor. When calculating the critical stock and average stock levels on the main warehouse, the calculation is made by taking into account the units which are integrated into the module and a request slip is created.

Prices of The Medications Are Updated Automatically

The processes of automatic updating of drug prices and surcharges are carried out on the basis of company or price. Online drug updates are obtained from the website of the Ministry of Health. Increased, decreased or unchanged medication prices in a certain date range can be queried according to the desired criteria. By filtering according to company, surcharge processes of imported or domestic medicines and sanitary materials can be carried out using the database. Profit, VAT, Treasury, Social Services, Child Protection Agency share ratios and pharmacist - importer discount rates of the medicines are determined.

Medications and Sanitary Materials Used are Automatically Reflected to the Patient's Financial Records

Medications and materials used by the inpatients or outpatients are automatically reflected in the patient's financial records instantly. Medications and materials used for patients are automatically removed from inventory.

Orders Are Tracked by Company with a Single Number

In the Pharmacy Module, pharmaceutical manufacturers and vendors are followed-up in detail, and the receivable or debit status of the company is displayed instantly on the company card.

Sipariş hazırlama sırasında ilacın; tek bir ekranda diğer birimlerdeki stok bakiyeleri, etken ve muadillerinin stok miktarları, istenilen tarihe göre hareket listeleri ve yıllık hareket tablosu grafik olarak görüntülenebilmektedir. Drugs that cannot meet the order quantity can be checked on the next invoice. Prepared orders are forwarded to companies via e-mail. The invoice is prepared automatically according to the order number and followed by a single number.