Laboratory Module

All the operations performed in the laboratory of the health institution are recorded easily via the laboratory module within SisoHIS and the other modules which it works integrated with as well as the devices. The module works integrated with the stock module and thus the stock tracking of the blood products is made through the laboratory module. The module is compatible with all laboratory devices and can be easily integrated before application.


Stock Tracking of The Blood Products Can Be Carried Out

Blood and blood products in stock can be reserved, reserve history can be tracked, blood and blood products which are reserved can be discharged. Hospital entrance and exit procedures of blood and blood products can be done manually or with a barcode reader. Blood stocks can be searched by product type and blood type.

Ability to Work Integrated with All Devices

The Laboratory Module works integrated with all laboratory and x-ray devices connected to the system. It works in accordance with the standards such as Radiological Imaging and Archiving System (PACS), HL7 (Health Level 7), ICD 10 (International Classification of Diseases) as well as RIS (Radiology Information System). The Laboratory Module transmits the data sent to or received from the analyzers to the end user and patient. It connects different laboratories in one center and thus, multiple centers and laboratories connected to this center operate in a single system.

Patient Examination Processes Can Be Carried Out Via Web

Physicians can make patient examination requests via the web. They can monitor the results of the examinations and the stage of the examinations synchronously on the web. All examinations obtained from the devices connected to the system (radiology result reports, other laboratories, attempts for examinations, examinations, etc.) and the examinations of patients sent from other institutions can be viewed by grouping. Physicians' requests are displayed simultaneously on laboratory computers. Physicians can create their own panels/packets when making examination requests and update them anytime.

Examination Requests Are Transmitted to Relevant Units Within Seconds

With the introduction of medical examination requests, the identity of the requesting physician is recorded in the system. The data of the examinations such as ECG, EEG, EMG, etc. are included in the system. Medical requests from any unit in the system are automatically transmitted to departments that meet these requirements. The examinations are leveled and defined by color codes. The location and time of the examinations are recorded in the system. The normal and pathological range of values is defined for the outputs of the results and the tests that have been examined. For the examination, the rules and examinations which the patient must follow are given to the patient as a printout.

Examinations Are Tracked by the Barcode System

The transmission stage of the examinations that were sent to the laboratory and the examination results obtained from the medical devices integrated into the system are automatically tracked by the Barcode System. The previous test results of patients can be reached using the barcode tags. All patient samples are barcoded and all the transactions related to them can be performed quickly without error.

Examination Results Can Be Obtained Online

Daily, weekly, and monthly printouts, as well as the printouts of desired dates, can be obtained from the records of examination results.


Eliminates Manual Test Operations

Manual testing is completely eliminated with SisoHIS Laboratory Module. Except for the results obtained automatically from laboratory devices, results of the manual tests, as well as the soft and hardcopy laboratory results coming from non-hospital laboratories, can also be entered into the system. Thus, the results of the manual tests can be recorded and stored in the system allowing them to be followed anytime.

Errors Are Prevented By Using RFID Tags

Errors Are Prevented By Using RFID Tags