Network Application

It is a software that enables SisoHIS users to communicate with each other using the network system, send messages to Sisoft personnel, and communicate with the active employees of Sisoft or other employees of institution connected to the system.

The Network Application offers a structure that transmits program requests directly to the Sisoft database system, allowing users to assign tasks to each other, displaying them in the desired range as well as reporting them.


A Structure that Provides Both In-House and B2B Message, Prompt and Speech-Based Communication

It works with a system that uses intranet (internet if required) which is independent of the Internet and allows users (Sisoft Network Member) in the health institution to communicate with in-house and inter-agency members, to give tasks to each other, and to send messages.

Users who are members of Sisoft Network are represented by Green Human icon in the alphabetical list while they are using any software if they are active. If they are not, a Red Human icon will appear. Users can communicate with active members only. However, messages can be sent when the user is inactive. A message is sent directly to the user's e-mail address via Sisoft Network Application.

The system and terminal information of the users are specified in parathesis next to the user names.

In-house Users Can Create Reminder Messages for Themselves or for Each Other

On the upper part of Sisoft Network Application, a user can prepare a message for another user (the process date is automatically assigned by the program when the message is prepared), he/she can create messages for himself/herself and update the old messages. If the user no longer wants to see the message, he will close the message by selecting the Do Not Show This Message Again option and will not receive the message again.

In-house Users Can Easily Follow-Up the Works and Requests Assigned to Them

With the Network application, users can easily follow the tasks assigned to them. Until the task is completed, the name of both the assigner and the assignee is included in the Sisoft Network bar.

The subject section provides a summary of the task. The start and end dates and times of the task are set by the system.

The given task list is displayed in order, with the last task being top-ranked. The list also includes the person who assigns the task and the subject of the task. If the person has completed his/her job, he/she must mark the I Have Completed My Job box.

This type of task is displayed in yellow until the user who gives the task give confirmation (not displayed after approval) on the screens of both the user who gives the task and the one who is asked to perform it.

Sisoft Network Application Provides Fast, Easy and Secure Communication Between Active Users

If the user to be communicated with is within the same organization, the local network is used to communicate directly via the computers. If it is a user of a different institution, communication is made via Sisoft's Communication Server using an internet connection.

Conversation texts are held in the form of mutual conversations. They are sent after the user types the message and presses ENTER. Received messages are located above the conversation window. You can use the right mouse button on the dialog box to edit the font, size and so on.

Texts can be written simultaneously. If the user leaves the connection during the conversation, the message typing section of the conversation window can turn into read-only to prevent others from writing to the inactive user.

If the user who is inactive has been re-established its connection, the conversation window is activated again. Whether the other user receives the message or not is also specified by the system.

If the User Is Offline, the Message Will Be Forwarded to His/Her E-Mail Address

If users are not active, a message is sent to their e-mail addresses to communicate. If there are files to send, they are added to the messages to be sent via the Add Files or Delete Files options.


Sisoft Network Application Provides B2B Communication

If Sisoft Network users want to connect with users of other organizations, they can add them to their list. Thus, added users become available for communication in the "Other Users" section.

If the added user is active at the moment when he/she is being added, a question message asking "I Have Added You to My List for Mutual Communication, Do You Accept?" appears. If the user accepts, the communication is activated.

If the added user is active at the moment when he/she is being added, a question message asking "I Have Added You to My List for Mutual Communication, Do You Accept?" appears. If the user accepts, the communication is activated.

Users Perform Program Requests Interactively

Users can make their requests to be included in or to be added to the program directly via the program (provided that they are connected to the internet).

Program requests are kept in the Sisoft database. The requests of the users are answered in a positive way if their content does not harmful for the general manner of the program, and vice versa. After the requests are approved by Sisoft Computer authorities, information on the program request is sent to the e-mail address of the requesting user as well as to all support specialists.

The program request is reviewed by the Sisoft software team. The review can be concluded in five separate ways.

    • Unnecessary: It is the case where the request or addition is seen as unnecessary.
    • To be performed: It is the case where the request is comprehensive or difficult to do at that moment.
    • Insufficient Description:It is the case where the user who made the program request does not provide a sufficient description.
    • No Problem Detected: It is the case where no problem can be detected about the related request.
    • Done: It is the case where the program request is performed, the program is recompiled and presented to the users.