Income and Cost Follow-Ups per Patient Are Done

With the SisoHIS Budget Module, all service, medication and material exits in health institutions and organizations can be examined in detail on the basis of the institution, patient, physician, user, policlinic, and date range and can be followed according to the types of services. The sales and cost of the service is monitored according to the materials used and the cost centers of these materials. Income and cost follow-up is performed per patient. Income is monitored on the basis of physicians and social security institutions. Payments made from institutions can be accounted


Debt and Receivables Can Be Followed

In the module, auxiliary accounts can be tracked on the basis of the institution or person, in the current system on a bill basis collectively. Collections related to receivables and payment terms related to debts are calculated. Monthly and weekly debt payment lists are created and financial debts are followed according to their maturities. Late interest is applied to receivables. Debt or credit balance control is defined according to the balance type. The payment documents prepared for accrual can be seen and the payment of the accrued documents is made automatically. The deducted invoices and processed collections can be automatically converted into accounting receipts at the end of the day and the corporate balances can be tracked by the accounting.

Bank Accounts Can Be Tracked

A printout can be taken by entering the transfer information of companies of which transfer is completed. Thanks to the integrated operation of the module with the Cheque-Bond Module, the transfer is made according to the maturities of cheques and bonds. In case the patients cannot pay the fee, a bond is arranged and upon the approval of the chief physician, the discharge process of the patient is completed.

Budget Accounts Can Be Monitored

Since the SisoHIS Budget Module working integrated with the Accounting Module, budget accounts can be monitored. Revenue budget, expenditure budget, estimated investments, and comparison definitions can be created or edited. The user can add additional controls to the monthly and annual inflation-adjusted budget accounts if required. Budgetary Allowance Receipts and Allowance Charts can be created. Financial statements can be prepared. Statistical data can be generated for inpatients and outpatients. Accounting report designs can be created. Auxiliary account designs, budget designs, budget expenditure reports can be generated, queried and reported.