The Patient Admittance System Eliminates the Time Lost While Waiting in Line

The Patient Admittance System allows patients to take the correct service as soon as possible by preventing them from wasting time waiting in line. Thus, the patients' registration procedures are completed in a short time and they spend less time in the hospital. In addition, it enables the staff to use their service time more efficient, and thus increases the service quality. Since the operation is carried out under certain rules and regulations, unfair queue regulations and various rights violations that may occur with personal initiatives are completely eliminated. The patients are directed to the polyclinics where they will be examined directly by taking a sequence number after scanning the patient card that they can get from the institution they want to receive service from, to the devices positioned in front of the policlinic


After scanning the patient card successfully, operations carried out by the user can be displayed on the LCD screen placed on the reader. The screen shows the sequence number given to the patient and the doctor's information. There is no difference between the procedures of taking the sequence number via the card system or from patient admittance desk. Patients in outpatient clinics can access to relevant services within policlinics directly without going to the patient registration and patient admission sections

RFID cards offer a much safer structure than other cards developed for multipurpose use as well as being able to store more than a hundred times more information than other magnetic cards. They are composed of a durable structure which has the advantage of being rewritten and usable and which is not affected by adverse environmental conditions. The card provides protection against unauthorized persons to access, imitate, or copy it. In addition, the fact that the card does not require physical contact also provides ease of use.