With SisoHIS Invoicing Module, invoice information can be created, edited, and queried. The integration of the module into both the Medula system of the Ministry of Health and the Accounting module is very important in terms of data continuity. Thanks to these integrations, various reports can be created. The invoice contents are documented in detail. Individual or bulk invoicing can be done. The discharge procedures of the patients are completed and the data is ensured to be archived safely and regularly.

Invoice Regulations and Follow-Up Can Be Carried Out

In the module, the follow-up of the invoices for status such as approved, unapproved, collected, pending, collecting, balanced, etc. shall be performed in accordance with the rules and necessary warnings specified in the Health Implementation Communiqué (HIC). Invoices created in the format determined by the Ministry of Health shall be arranged to cover the health insurance of the patient.


Reports Can Be Entered into the System Thanks to the Integration of the Module with the Medula

The medication usage reports can be entered into the MEDULA system via the module. Medication usage reports entered into the system from the related pharmacy are recorded in the MEDULA system by the health institution that gives the report. Invoices related to departments such as Dialysis, Physiotherapy and Oral Prosthetic Treatment can also be sent to MEDULA.

Invoice Content and Cost List Can Be Obtained

An over-script related to the invoice can be prepared by using the module. Detailed invoices and invoice summaries are prepared and issued for the office holders, insured or green card patients. The final checks of the invoices prepared for the patients are made. Invoices are prepared in the services and then processed by collective summary on the basis of institution. Income code and distribution list are taken according to the invoice. When preparing separate invoice designs according to the institutions as well as the batch invoices, information control is also performed. Various statistics can be generated for invoice transactions, queries can be made and reports obtained from queries can be printed out.

Invoicing Module and Accounting Module Work Integrated With Each Other

Manual invoicing is completely eliminated with the use of SisoHIS Invoicing Module. Invoices are transferred to accounting livingly. Changing service prices for the patients who are not invoiced in the module, can be changed automatically upon request. A current account is created for the patient share, the institution's share, and the support insurance share, which is called the triple invoice.

Single Invoices or Collective Invoices Can Be Created

Transactions within the scope of hospitalization are invoiced by selecting the invoice from the patient card. Using the same screen, the outpatient invoice can also be created by taking only outpatient procedures as the basis. Collective invoices can be created. Summaries are created separately as the outpatient, one-day hospitalization, and inpatient.

Epicrisis Reports of Inpatients Can Be Printed

In order to ensure consistency in the invoices sent to MEDULA, the outpatient procedures of inpatients are followed separately and their epicrisis reports are printed.