The SisoHIS Hemodialysis Module is designed to record all procedures related to the dialysis unit in the hospital. On the module, the records of dialysis patients, their appointment hours and the status of the machines in the dialysis unit can be followed-up as well as monitoring of the entry and exit information of the personnel that perform the operation and the materials used can be carried out. The statistical data of the operations are presented to the user in a report format which is optionally determined.

Personnel Identification Information of the Personnel Working in the Dialysis Unit Is Recorded


In the hospital, the user information of the personnel performing dialysis procedures, applying medical treatment and providing supportive treatment to the patient is kept in the database. Identity records of the personnel are displayed in certain formats when requested. In addition, using the Hemodialysis Module, the working charts, the shift schedules, and the emergency lists of the staff in the dialysis unit can be prepared

Enter, Exit, Stock, and Request Procedures of Materials and Medications Can Be Carried out via the Module

Using the Hemodialysis Module, special follow-up lists are created for each patient to ensure control of medications and materials in the dialysis unit. Minimum medication and material stock control are provided for each patient. The entry, exit, stock and request procedures of the medications and the materials are performed. The materials used in the dialysis unit are automatically removed from the stock in the system. It warns users when the system reaches the stock risk level. In hemodialysis treatments, the date of first and last session is recorded as the day/month/year format. Transactions related to organ transplantation can be carried out and a record of preparation information is created related to this procedure.

Patients Can Be Admitted with Appointment

Patients' appointments are arranged periodically in the desired period of time using the module. An appointment can be created for consultation requests and the results can be tracked. Appointment cancellations and transfers between appointments are made by considering parameters such as HBV, HCV, and HIV. The appointment status can be automatically edited by querying the machine list. At the end of the dialysis procedure, the discharge procedures of the patient can be carried out.

The Medications and Materials Used Are Immediately Reflected in the Payment Information Records of the Patient

The identification records of the physician requesting medication and supplies for the treatment are kept by the system. Procedures such as the medications used, the operations performed, and the tests carried out, as well as the fees for all materials used are reflected to the financial records of the patient electronically. The medication and material requests supplied from outside because of the situations where the hospital pharmacy do not afford the requested medication or material or it is out of stock are added to the patient's records.

The Status of the Machines in the Dialysis Unit Can Be Monitored

The Hemodialysis Module works integrated with the Device Tracking Module to monitor the status of the machines in service. At any time, the occupied or available machines in the service can be listed and selected by taking the parameters such as HBV, HCV, and HIV into consideration.