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Sisoft placed 10th in Software Export


     Sisoft healthcare information systems placed 10th in service products category by the exports in 2014  among companies of Electric-Electronic and Service Exporters Association.
     IMMEA Coordinator President  Ali Kahyaoglu celebrated the awarded companies and also mentioned these issues below within his opening speech ;
     “IMMEA provides 30% of Turkey Export. Within 2014, 6 of our unions have signed 43,6 Billion Dollar export. We have worked day and night for the value added export. IMMEA has worked to contribute the development of  the export until now. As IMMEA  we keep working for  contributing Turkey’s 500 Billion Dollar Export Goal in 2023 by 200 Billion Dollar export.
     As Sisoft we already have Northern Cyprus Republic, Senegal, Nigeria and Azerbaijan Projects. On the other hand we took a huge step to become a global brand by joining HIS tenders in Turkey, Ibero America and great number of other countries. We also satisfied our customers by Multi-Language Support with 6 languages.
     To sum up, we aim to be one of the most important company which represents Turkey in world market.