As is known, hospital systems are quite complex and comprehensive. All operations performed by are very tiring and painful for both users and health personnel. All these operations also cost great deal of amounts for hospitals. Minimizing these costs and facilitating the operations were once a dream which is about to come true.

By providing its more than 25-year experience in Health Informatics for people, Sisoft Healthcare Information Services added a new one in its leading achievements. Doctors and Nurses of Ankara Gazi Mustafa Kemal State Pilot Hospital started to use touch pads instead of paper and pens for “Paperless Hospital Project” of Ministry of Health. This application planned to be country-wide in the near future enables uploading all blood and urinary tests, tomography, X-Ray and MR information to digital media and the results can be followed by authorization.

This “Digital Hospital” achievement of Sisoft had repercussions in both print and visual media. The news aroused great interest in many press organs. With Sisopmi product which is fun for patients and a facility for health personnel, all operations can be performed more practically with certain results. Sisopmi developed as Bed-Side Application Platform addresses all users such as, patient, doctor, nurse and caretaker and therefore plays a vital role in digital hospital transformation. It has been put into service for reinforcing the data process and data loss and for accelerating the work-flow and activating manageability. (Further Information
            This concept firstly applied in Ankara Gazi Mustafa Kemal State Hospital is unique of its kind in our country... Well, What have we done in our hospital.

–    We ended paper use in all units of hospital.
–    We produced mobile solutions for users. ( For iPad, Ä°phone and Android Devices working in integrity with HIS)
–    We invented multifunctional Bed-Side Applications
–    We set up Integrated Security Systems
–    We put Eco-friend software into use.
–    We marked an era in Emergency and Inpatient services.
–    Labor efficiency and data accuracy has been improved
–    We provided the accordance between operational pace and work-flow.
–    We provided convenience of the worker with the access from anywhere, anytime.

            Sisoft is making it possible to process all kinds of information and document on electronic media without using paper with its web-based software and mobile applications. In this respect, We like to express our thanks to Ministry of Health which contributed a lot to presentation of our products belonging only to Turkish Engineers and to improving our software to international standards.