Patient rooms are broadcasted on the Internet.

It is web based camera systems that is developed to enable sections that doesn't receive visitors such as critical patient room, intensive care unit or operation room to be watched via the Internet.

Family members of the patients get the chance to access the real-time visual information related to the patients, via personal computers, Internet cafes (i.e. anywhere that provides access to the Internet) visiting the web site of the health facility.

The system maintains patient satisfaction via providing their family members with the information regarding their physical condition, examination process etc. Çözüm Web Cam Applications prevents the unnecessary crowds, dialogs and labor force losses that come out due to the family members of the patients' insistence on visiting the patient.

The access to Çözüm Web Cam Applications is protected via authorization and security passwords.

The system is protected by the security passwords and prevents the access of the unauthorized user to the patient images. No one besides the family members and the authorized users (who are granted user names and passwords) can access the patient images.

The patient relatives can access the images of the patients any time they want and get information about the physical condition of the patients.

Utilizing Çözüm Web Cam Application through cameras fitted in various different locations, it is possible to see the health condition of the babies in the newborn unit via accessing to the Internet. The operation rooms can as well be watched if approved by the health facility. Moreover, the patient relatives are able to watch examination processes in real-time and they can monitor the services provided to the patient during medication, care and control periods.

It is possible to take picture of the image at any time and save to the computer in high definition and different picture formats. If demanded, the image can be saved in different formats adjusting the numbers of the pictures per second retractably. The saved files can be watched easily using Windows Media Player.

Authorized users (doctors) can watch the examination operations in real-time.

The doctors can watch the control of the examination operations that they recommended on their personal computers or anywhere that provides access to the Internet (outside of the health facility, at home, on pocket computers). They can control the physical conditions of the critical-condition patients and monitor the services provided to the patient during medication, care and control periods.

Çözüm Web Cam Applications are accessible via any Çözüm HIMS modules.