Web-based Assistant Module


 Çözüm Assistant Training Module enables to follow efficiently and securely the junior doctors' trainings in university, training and research hospitals. It provides a work environment that can be followed and be managed, focusing on a common point for training coordination at the hospitals.

      By the means of Çözüm Assistant Training Module, from the starting date till ending date; the junior doctors are being coordinated like “where, when and what kind of training will he have? Thus, training capacity of the hospital is being used efficiently.


The rotation periods, duty places, determined by their administrators, are being notified to junior doctors via SMS and e-mail with the help of Çözüm HIMS Scheduled Task Manager. So, being informed previously, the probable disorders are being prevented.

     The rotation report cards that are arranged for junior doctors, prevent delays and malfunction, providing if they are coming in the related days or not.

In the rotation report cards, you can find the Rotation Marks that are formed by clinic chief of related branch. Besides, they will get a Private Final Grade in every six months by clinic chief of related branch that they deserved to study.

The rotation report cards of the junior doctors are being treated by authorized users and can be printed. The data security, being provided with authorization system on Çözüm HIMS is accessible only for authorized users.

You can display general training status with Rotation Follow-up Form and the rotation information of junior doctors. With the help of Rotation Follow-up Form, it is easy to follow the rotation follow-ups of junior doctors.

     It is easy to regulate rotation informations (add, delete, modify etc.). Because of having lots of services in the clinics, the clinics and services are being considered separately in the system. But the trainings of junior doctors are being followed by the system. Once they start to work, it is determined that when and in which department they get training by means of Follow-up Document.



RThe necessary arrangements are being made and the junior doctors can pass their spare time in the clinics. The system calculates automatically these processes and provides an equal distribution of internal rotation. The modifications in the internal rotation, that the System Assign Automatically, can be made easily. Besides, it is possible to voluntary rotation log in or delete from the system.

In order to make their rotations in other institutions, the junior doctors fill Temporary Duty Assignation Form (External Rotation).

It is informed about which science and which junior doctor will be present in the clinics with the reporting system. The system functions its informing role that is determined previously.


An e-mail is sent to the junior doctors by the authorized person in order to remind their tasks, rotation modifications. The arrival date of the junior doctor for the next rotation is given out via e-mail to the unit authority.

Besides, the training coordinator can send an e-mail whose content is designed by him/her to an assistant or all assistants.

Detailed reports related to the operations can be formed and can be printed; Training Schedule for Assistants, the list of the junior doctors with the services, the list of starting and ending date of the junior doctors in order to make rotation, the Private Final Grade of junior doctor, the rotation termination evaluation certification etc. of the junior doctor.