Compatible with mobile applications for on-line stock follow-up.


RFID technology can be used for stock and consumable material entrance/exit. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology provides the entrance and exit actions follow-up of the medications, materials and devices by means of mobile applications as non-spatial and time independent. Mobile and wireless solutions are used in order to enable information access in healthcare institutions.

     RFID readers on PDA (portable hand-held computers), enable speed and accuracy with the unique coding system called  EPC-Electronic Product Code. On-line stock follow-up is available with mobile applications.

Barcode System is used for stock or consumable material entrance/exit.

Stock or consumable material entrance/exit can be provided with Barcode System. By reading EAN barcodes by barcode readers, the data is transferred to the system instantly

The system becomes more economic when data entry speed accelerates  and the employment cost reduces. The manual errors are prevented during reading and recording information via Barcode System.

It presents us an efficient stock planning and management.


It presents us an efficient stock control and planning for all service storages, stock amount, entrance/exit amounts, order amounts considering critical stock levels in healthcare institutions. It provides the product supply in critical stock level.

The stock level information procedure (Critical, Secure, Average, Maximum etc.), and estimated supply time can be formed. The annually / monthly stock or consumable material level suppositions can be made considering material request, consumption and consumption growth. The usage frequency of stock and materials can be reported. Pricing and financial costing are available for stock and consumable materials. The alternative stock costs can be produced.

Stok ve cari hareketler listeleri alınabiliyor.

By querying stock operations in service storerooms at any time, the reports can be printed. The companies' stock and current operations can be realized. The stock and current operation lists can be printed out.

New current cards can be formed. We can make a search and a query on the old one. It is possible to reach active and passive current information. We can form a New Dispatch Note and a New Bill. We can search previous bills information according to Transaction Number, Dispatch Note Number, Dispatch Date, Movable Check Number, Belongings Number, Bill Number, Bill Date, etc. New Return Bill can be formed. With a written report, New Entry Check can be formed. With the old one, we can query entry checks. Transfer and Revenue Forms can be queried. Purchasing Bill can be formed. With a written report, New Exit Check can be formed. We can query the exit checks with an old dispatch note.

İRequest Checks and Request Documents can be prepared.


The follow-up operation of the whole medical and administrative departments' material requests, adding operation into order list and transferring operation automatically to the purchase department can be realized.

Grouping the products, materials and medications, etc. in stock; the same materials can be followed-up as package, item, kilogram, liter, etc.) according to storing conditions and shelf life. Controlling the best-before date, shelf life and storing conditions are operated.

Total request option is available according to stock and consumable material groups. It is possible to add or delete the companies and pharmacies to the list. Medical consumable material exit can be realized according to surgery room, intensive care unit, emergency service etc. all these operations are reflected to financial records of the patient in an electronic environment. The used materials are removed from the stocks.

Multi-option search and query operations


We can make a search according to stock or consumable materials, stock code, name, EAN code, movable code, budget code, stock type (medical gas, x-ray film, medication, serum, device and inventory stock  etc.). We can have rich and detailed statistics. The query and the reports can be listed.

The statistic reports can be printed. The query can be made according to material's purchase / sale type, foreign currency type (TL, Euro, USD etc.). Budget type (general, special administration, circulating capital etc.) and stock type can be stated. Order operations (dispatch note number, dispatch note date, date, bill number) order number, date, company name, entry operations, the last order / last bill can be queried. Cash and check operations can be realized. We can examine the actions then print out the reports.

The quality info and documents of stock products can be displayed.

We can have quality information (good, average, bad) of the company products and quality registration documents. According to service requests, we can form automatically a Requisition Writ (purchase, belonging, pharmacy). We can make a search according to confirmation condition (storeroom confirmation, authorized user confirmation, all confirmations, without confirmation), request date, confirmation date and form number. An Examination Report can be formed in the end of the material's delivery. The liability follow-up is available. We can form a Material Delivery Document while recording the coming materials in service storerooms.