It provides protection and security in the risk-entertaining units of the health facilities.

Using Çözüm HIMS or local area network, authorized users will be able to monitor related departments of the hospital (Intra Vires) with the security or informative purposes via the security cameras located in various points within the facility.

The application furnished with security purpose functions contains all the features of Çözüm Web Cam Application. It enables access to the visual real-time information anywhere that provides access to the Internet.

Çözüm Web Cam Security Application utilizes web-based cameras. The web-based camera (that does not incur any costs besides the costs of IP based web cams) reduces the operational costs to zero.

Moreover, the fact that the cameras are IP cameras eliminates the necessity to be connected to a computer. It is enough to connect directly to the local area network, assign an IP number to each camera and to make the necessary directions (if outside access is desired) to use the system.

The access to IP security cams is sustained is in the basis of authorities.

The users access the cameras defined for their use (corridors, patient waiting rooms, operations, patient rooms, all departments, the critical points) etc.) via connecting to the local area network or Çözüm HIMS, within the boundaries of their authority. On demand, the images during a certain time period can be pictured and recorded. The recording period for each camera is predetermined. Time units as per the beginning and ending dates and hours are set for the recording. If demanded, the image can be saved in different formats adjusting the number of the pictures per second retractably. The saved files can be watched easily using Windows Media Player. Since it is completely constructed under a parametrical structure, the system settings can easily be personalized in accordance with the type of the services provided in or the demand of the health facility. The system does not permit any users that is not authorized and protected via security passwords access to camera images neither via Çözüm HIMS nor via local area network. It is as well possible to watch patient rooms using Çözüm Web Cam Security Application with security purposes after making the necessary definitions.