It enables secure and authorized access at each transit point

It enables secure and authorized access at each transit point.

RFID (Radio-Frequency Card Identification System) label disseminate and emit the identity determination number, contained in Mifare Card. The reader communicates with the help of radio signals as the Mifare card is within a definite distance. The system enables the overall security in the enterprise to be maintained, labor power and the efficiency of the health enterprise to be improved, personnel supervisions to be conducted quickly in a reliable and economical manner and provides features that limit the access to certain areas only with the access pf the authorized personnel. In the areas where Çözüm Access Control System is used, personnel lets the system read the entrance and exit card both before entering and leaving the point. Mifare card transmits the unique information that it contains together with the energy provided by the reader and transmitted via an antenna, via the reader radio signals that has a digital monitor on top. The information, transmitted, is received by the system and transferred to the computer. Then, the necessary operations are handled by Çözüm Access Control System Software.

Different levels of authority are granted to each user and the access to certain points is limited for the access of unauthorized people.

The system prevents the negative outcomes that may take place due to the activities of some personnel, visitors and people who has bad intentions. The system limits the access of people with the points that they are authorized to enter, ensures secured access to critical points and enables the authorization activities to be materialized in a controlled manner. By means of Çözüm Access Control System, it is possible to set different authority levels for each user, to predetermine the possibilities regarding which points on which day at what hours each user may pass, to control all activities, made, and to conduct immediate or retrospective searching activities in a detailed way. It is possible to control the entrance of undesired people to certain areas. Acting as an electronic key, RFID cards enable entering and leaving certain units – in accordance with the level of authority- to be completed with one card. The access status information is immediately transmitted to the system or stored in the system to be recalled when necessary. It is possible to store high amounts of information in RFID cards and access the stored information easily and continuously without requiring manual interference.

Detailed reports, measuring the working hour efficiency, can be prepared.

All the information transmitted via the system such as working and charging information, information that will be the reference and basis points for the payrolls, or all the reports (late comers, early leavers, overtime workers, absents etc.) that measures work time efficiency such as overtimes, late entrance, early leave, leaves and time measurements are recorded in the system. The system provides unlimited means regarding the issues of measuring and controlling institutional work efficiency. Apart from the activity of controlling the entrance and exit of the personnel, the system enables the follow-up regarding whether the working hours are spent in an effective manner or not by means of the process controls. It provides a control and measurement mechanism concerning the lunch and resting and timeouts.

Secure access is maintained in all access points by means of Mifare card.

Secure access control systems are maintained in units such as dining halls and operation units via establishing door entrance and exit points or mechanic structures as tollgates in the main access points without a door. Letting the system read the card while passing the tollgate in the dining hall or similar structures, the personnel can have lunch without paying any money; the cost of the lunches that he had, are deducted from the salary at the end of the month. Consequently, the queues formed in front of the lunch bill desks, the bill taking-giving activities and the failures that may come out during the collection of the bills are eliminated. Mifare card pass system can be applied to every access points and as well conforms to all types of multiple-shift or no-shift operations. The system operates under a similar principle in operating rooms and other units. The people that are not on duty in the operating room can not open the room door.

The system provides a secure, economical and rapid organizational framework regarding the personnel controlling.

The reliability of the identification cards that are press printed on th PVC surface, is maintained by means of the press print and the photographs. The magnetic stripe identification cards contain very limited key information such as the name and surname of the card owner. On the other hand, the RFID Cards, provides a securer structure, compared to other cards, that is specially designed in conformity with multipurpose use, apart from the high information storage capacity (it can store a hundred times more information than the magnetic cards). In addition to the ability to be rewritten and re-used, the card has a durable structure that does not get affected by the unfavorable environmental conditions (water, magnetic field etc.). The system provides protection from the unauthorized access, imitation and copying. Moreover, it does not require physical contact and provides an ease-of-use.

All information regarding the personnel is immediately transmitted to the system and stored in the system to be recalled when necessary.

Since the system operates with Çözüm Personnel and Employee Module in an integrated manner, all of the information (Personnel List, On-duty list, Title Registry Number and Identification Information etc.) can be accessed immediately. All of the personnel information can be controlled or searched via the system. Establishing another software or interface is not required to conduct the mentioned activities.

The system facilitates the personnel follow-ups especially for the health enterprises that employ a high number of personnel.

The system eliminates the failures and time losses that will come out in the enterprises with a high number of employees due to the manual work process follow-ups. While the elimination of the manually-handled activities, file and document archives and and the time losses, resulting from the effort to access this information when necessary diminishes the rate of failure in all activities, the rate of accuracy and the activity speed rises steeply. The system facilitates the personnel follow-ups especially for the health enterprises that employ a high number of personnel.

The LCD monitor on top of the reader displays messages and warnings for the users.

The LCD monitor positioned on top of the reader digitally displays the activities made by the users and creates an interface for the user. When the card of the user is read, the LCD monitor displays the registered name together with the card number. The monitor displays the date and the time; as the card is read, the monitor displays the identification information and displays messages like; Welcome to RFID System, Dear.........., You Entered, Dear.........., You Left etc.; if there comes out a system communication error, the monitor displays the warning:

The message of "A communication error occurred” appears and it changes its status to off-line. It isn't possible to make an operation with the same card again.