With RFID technology, the system aims to ensure the overall security of the organization, to make the personnel inspection economically, quickly and reliably and to increase the labor productivity of the personnel within the health institution. In addition, the authorization feature allows certain sections to be used only by the authorized staff.


Different Levels of Authority for Each User

With RFID technology, only authorized staff can access to the departments requiring authorization, thus it prevents possible negative events that may arise from unauthorized personnel, visitors or malevolent people. In Sisoft Access Control System, different authorization levels are assigned for each user and it is determined that users can access to which points on which hours of the day on which days of the week. RFID-tagged cards provide access (both entry and exit) to units defined within the authorization with a single card, acting as an electronic key.

The status information of the personnel is transferred to the system immediately or stored to be queried when necessary. By storing a large amount of data on RFID cards, many information is easily and continuously accessed without the need for manual intervention.

Authorized and Secure Access Is Provided At All Transition Points with Identification System

The RFID (Radio Frequency Recognition Systems) label on the Mifare card emits the specific number of identifiers it holds in its memory. The Mifare card communicates with the radio waves when it is approached the scanner at a certain distance. Mifare card, combined with the energy supplied by the scanner and spread by the antenna, transmits the unique information it holds in it via radio waves to the scanner on which there is a digital screen. This information transmitted by the card is taken by the system and necessary actions are taken by Sisoft Access Control System Software.

Detailed Reports That Measure Employee Efficiency Can Be Created

Work and pricing, over time, late check-in, early check-out, absence, permit, and payroll information of the employees can be measured on the system. Apart from recording personnel entry-exit procedures, the efficiency of the time spent in overtime can be measured with attendance controls. Food breaks, rest and bathroom breaks can also be monitored.

Safe Passing Is Ensured at All Passage Points with Mifare Card

Access control systems are used in the door entrance exits, main pass points without doors, cafeterias, and operating rooms, etc. by using the mechanical structures such as turnstiles. Staff can pass through the turnstile or similar equipment walking into the cafeteria, scan their card, eat their meals at no cost, and then the price of the meals they eat during the month is deducted from their salary. Thus, the queues formed in front of the food ticket machines, as well as the ticket delivery and collection procedures and the negative situations that may occur during the collection of the tickets are prevented. Mifare card pass system can be applied at all crossing points as well as adapting to all types of shiftless/in shift operations. The system works with a similar process in the operating room and other units

Facilitates Personnel Monitoring Especially in Health Care Facilities with High Number of Staff

RFID reduces the rate of errors caused by the manual monitoring of the business processes of the health institutions with a high number of employees and thus, prevents time losses. This situation facilitates personnel monitoring especially in health institutions with high staff numbers.