Patients and patients' relatives can realize their right to request information with Consulting Module.

     It provides patients' need for how to able to get information in the eye of  patients' health institution / organization, and how to get benefited by the terms of which the data, the services and facilities referred to institutions / organizations to benefit from health services.

     This software which will reply all questions of the patients/patients' relatives and the visitors with the intent of consulting and which is designed with the purpose of replying all questions, offer us within the framework of information about medical personnel and institutions / organizations, (Room Number., Telephone Number, Working Hours, Watch List, treatment doctors carrying out the personnel information, etc.) confidentiality and privacy principles (the patient's health status, medical evaluations, health expenditures, diagnosis and treatment information, etc.)

Relevant sections are easily accessible.


Patient's relatives have the chance of reaching to their relatives' informations (Care Service, Application Date, Room No, Floor No, Medical Exam Clinic / Physician, etc.) and their operations made (Interference, medicines, examinations, etc.) in a short time. Without wandering needlessly at the hospital, they can reach all information that they desire to learn.

Using the terminal system (checking on kiosk or on the web), with password and user name (permission password) they can reach only their patients' info.

Patients identify themselves to the system with “Patient Identification Card”

Patient Identification Card (with photo) provides convenience to patients without losing time in front of consulting desk. It is possible to find patient's file no or bar code on Patient Identification Card (PVC/magnetic card). As per order, it is possible to use smart cards as well. Smart cards can be used as touch-operated in order to identify the patient to system and as per order and per need, this card can include patients' info.

It is possible to use all these Patient Identification Cards by the whole patients from different culture or level of education. Patients can identify themselves to the system with using Kiosk System and their Patient Identification Cards (Identifying themselves to the system) and with taking a queue number and then they can go directly to examination polyclinic. Owing to thermal publication card system and Patient Identification Card which work with RFID Card System, the problem of waiting in a queue will be disappeared and it enables to serve the patient in a timely manner. With Patient Identification Cards, authorized persons and related persons can reach in specified departments.

We draw up visitor cards for controlled and authorized access.

It is possible to draw up visitor cards for controlled and authorized access as per order. So visitors and patients' relatives will have the chance of controlled and authorized access. It enables security in the corporations and institutions and it enables visitors to see their patients as well. Authorized patients' relatives, using their user names and passwords on Kiosk System, have the chance of seeing their patients' operations.

Owing to smart guidance screens, they are directed easily to related departments.


Through Consulting Module; patients can receive an answer easily for all questions and problems about related corporation/institution and they can reach all info with informative signboards, billboards, signals. Smart guidance screens are being used for an easy access to related departments.

Patients/Patients' relatives, reaching easily announcements, critical phone numbers, contact information of pharmacies on duty, can use a service of physical description charts like final situation of a patient who undergo an operation/bear a child, info, examination polyclinic etc

It is assisted with interactive introductory videos

Showing the charts of administrative units, it is possible to get information about administrative structure of corporation/institution over interactive introductory videos and for patients to find the places that they are searching. Guide charts and animations enable patients to find easily their way, without asking to another people and losing time, especially in complex healthcare corporation/institutions.

Kiosks can be used as web terminal.


Kiosks, in front of waiting room of corporation/institutions and application desks, etc. can be used as web terminal by patients. It enables to get easily information via Internet for patients about various health problems, diseases and healthcare institution/organizations. You can reach all information about advertisement animations of healthcare companies and weekly electronic newspapers or bulletins, notices and news of corporation/organizations on Kiosk.

Watching their queue numbers which are taken from application counters, from Kiosks or from Çözüm Appointment System on LCD monitors on the doors of polyclinics, patients get informed about queue and period and they are directed to polyclinics where they will get examined. In a certain order, patients in polyclinics can go directly to related departments without going to patient book/acceptance unit.

Constant information flow is provided on LCD TVs

Constant information flow is provided on LCD TVs for patients/patients' relatives. Customizable information/graphic/multi-media visualization can be made in line with the requirement and desire of healthcare directors.

The whole  information; as Polyclinic/Doctor Name, Patient Room Number, Daily Polyclinic Quotas, Working Day of Doctors, Polyclinic Examination Queue Number, Appointments, Vigil and Food Lists, Hospital Patient, Newborn Baby/Information of a Patient who has an operation, Visitor Shifts, Date and Time, Air Temperature, Estimated Waiting Period, Place/Direction Informations, Informative Alerter Messages, Laboratory Result Status Notification, can be published and all informations ruled by information management system.