Required Features;

At least a COMPUTER and a BARCODE PRINTER in order to provide the patients a barcode label.

As per order, touch-operated KİOSK,

If it will operate with Monitor System, MONITOR and PCI Display Card so as to place them on the counter.

Functioning of The System;

The patient takes a barcode label that are already determined by the institution with the help of a clerk or TOUCH-OPERATED KIOSK. It is written, his/her turn, on barcode label. Instead of waiting in front of the institution, he/she waits in special areas. The patien will see his/her informations as Queue Number, Name-Surname etc. on the monitors on the counters when it is his/her turn. The patient can go to relevant counter and can operate his/her procedure.

The conveniences provided by the System

It is humanistic.

It enables the patients waiting their queue numbers in special areas organized for them.

It prevents getting tired and negative electricity while waiting.

It grounds on the patient.

With the examination queue number of patient on the monitors, having a different structure from standard queue paging system, the informations as The Name, Surname, which patient is examined by the doctor and which patient is being examined, can be displayed.

The clerk can see identity information of the patient on the interface of Patient Card and can call him/her with his/her name.

It doesn't use different hardwares and call modes while calling the next patient.

It is low-priced.

It is adequate to buy sufficient MONITOR and DISPLAY CARD, to use current computer and network (It is enough to cabling between the monitors).

The counter monitors are standards and thus, they are cheaper than the classic queue paging system and patient calling panel.

It does not require additional software.

Çözüm Patient Follow-up software contains necessary integration operations. Çözüm Training Support Specialists can complete the required operations in one day.

It does not require additional hardware.

Besides, it doesn't need guiding boards. A malfunction never occurs because of not using different hardware equipments

It organizes queue order.

It prevents unfair queue applications and organizes the queue order.

Thus, the hospital clerk won't shout for the queue number.

It is a Smart Direction System.

The patients can have descriptive equipments as SMART CARD, MAGNETIC STRIPE CARD etc. The computer which works integratedly with all system on the barcode label desk, the patients can easily have their queue numbers because the computer recognize automatically these cards. So they are recognized by the clerk before going to the counter.

It has flexible use feature.

On the barcode, according to desire and functioning of the institution, you can find all informations as where the polyclinic is?, statistical informations, all polyclinics and warning informations.

It reduces the workload.

The patient who registers on the counter, can go directly to the polyclinic without taking a queue number from another device. This application provides an acceleration for all the operation and for the patients.

It provides added value.

If the institution wants, they can take ads in order to publish them at the bottom of the monitors. This is a side income for the institution.
It is possible to establish a Database Connection as on-line.

Between the units that are far away from each other (main building, additional building etc.), it is possible to establish a Database Connection as on-line.
The Records can be seen on the computer of Doctor.

The registered patient can be seen easily on the doctor list. The doctor calls the next patient pressing the key F8.

It provides a full integration.

The Monitor and Q-Matic Systems (can be used as single as per order) can work integratedly with the applications as Digital Panel.

It is possible to have a prescription in 30 seconds.

While the patient is taking a Barcode Label, his/her prescription informations are sent to Pharmacy System and so his/her medicines start to be prepared in the pharmacy. When he/she sees his/her name on the screen, he/she goes to the counter and takes his/her medicines in 30 seconds.