It precedes Tender and Purchasing operations in an integrated manner.

The information of the healthcare institutions such as medication, medical equipment and consumable material purchasing (Price, Date, Amount) can be recorded and thus the statistics regarding these operations can be produced. Detailed query can be made and these statistical request reports can be printed.

It enables the conduction of all transactions from the determination of approximate cost for the materials to their purchase, from automatic billing to entering into accounts on the computer, in the software, tender and purchase transactions, in which adjustments were made recently under the Public Tender Law no: 4734 and the preparation of comparison charts.

Working files can be formed according to different bid types and methods

The operations according to bid types such as Service Procurement, Product Purchase, Receiving Consultancy Service, Construction Works. The new working files can be formed according to Open Tender, Tender to Predetermined Bidders, Restricted Procedures, Direct Supply,  Tender to After determined Bidders in accordance with the law no 4734.

Tender Arrangement in an electronic environment.

We can price out in the preparation phase of tender. We can reach all tender documents concerning correspondence info, annexes, the content, contact information of the companies and specification resume . It is possible to appoint a Technical Specification Commission, Approximate Cost Commission President, Members, Associate Member for each tender. Technical Specification Commission (Assignment, Organizing, Notice) writings can be printed.

The date and the time of the tender can be determined. The Final Declaration Date, Declaration Type, Tender Approval Final Date Information can be displayed. The informations about assignment and approval (Date, Approval Date, Approval Number, Assignment Number) are available. Bidding and Contract Type (Lump Sum Price, unit price) and Budget Type (Master Budget, Supplementary Budget, Special Administration, Circulating Capital, Science Research Project) can be determined. Material List (Name, Code, Amount, Stock Unit, Stock Unit Price, Cost, The Last Company, The Last Price, Budget Code, Budget Code, Budget Name etc.) can be edited.

Proforma Offers are taken so as to set an approximate cost. The receipts are recorded and the reports are printed. It organizes approximate cost offers. The Approximate Cost Protocol is printed automatically after being prepared. The Approximate Cost Finding can be prepared according to Lowest, Average or High Price. The Amount of the Bid Bond can be calculated automatically.

The tender documents are examined in an electronic environment.

The tender documents explanations can be recorded after having analyzed in an electronic environment. The document information (Trade Chamber Certificate, Tender, Bid Bond, Procuration, Certificate of Adequacy etc.) that the companies present to the tender commission can be controlled in an electronic environment. Tender documents are grouped and followed annually. It is possible to follow the partial one. The information of the companies, joined the tender, can be recorded automatically in Tender Participation Protocol with date and time.

The comparison charts are formed for the purchase of stock and consumable materials.

It operates with Certificate of Necessity on Çözüm HIMS (Stock, Inventory Stock, Pharmacy, Accounting) in an integrated manner. The Certificate of Necessity can be formed automatically for a tender. The Comparison Charts are formed (Name, Amount, Unit, Cost, Approximate Cost, Overall Cost  etc.) while buying stock and consumable materials by comparing to previous prices. The Standard Forms can be printed in order to confirm stock and consumable materials.

Technical and Administrative Specifications can be formed automatically by means of the templates.

The Tender Information, Confirmation Information (Confirmation, Tender Register Number, Administrative Specification Articles, Contract) can be displayed in detail. The Tender Declaration Information, Tender Declaration Document and Tender Protocol can be displayed and printed. The Administrative Specification, the Contract can be displayed and printed. A supplementary policy can be formed. The templates and printed documents can be modified and customized by the user. The whole operations and modifications that the user made inside the program can be monitored on the boards.

The Declaration Request Form can be prepared for newspaper advertisement.

All the information about advertisement date, time and number can be seen under the authority of commission members. The advertisement text in the newspapers can be prepared for one and more tender.

The tender process can be certified in detail.

The documents that are received from the companies (Tender Participation Number, Date, Time, Name, Code etc.) and the Commission Delivery Protocol Info (Delivery Date, Deliverer, Recipient, Time etc.) can be recorded. For the excluded companies, Leaving Out of Assessment Protocol (Date, Time)  can be formed. The documents, presented by the companies to the commission, can be controlled in an electronic environment and those infos can be recorded as well. Finally the Document Control Protocol can be formed.

The Company Adequacy can be controlled.

The Business Experience Certificate (work completion certificate, business statement certificates) presented to the commission by the company, are evaluated then the explanations are recorded. The Bid Bond Control (Tender Sum, Necessary Guaranty, Deposit Guaranty, Date etc.) can be organized and the explanations are recorded. If there are missing documents, the companies will be prevented to realize the necessary operations. The tender documents can be prepared with their contents and justifications (Date, Time, Number, Subject, Type). If the company is adequate enough, a certificate of  adequacy  is prepared.
Purchasing decisions are prepared automatically by the program.

All Purchasing Commission Decisions (Filling Date/Time, Decision Date/Time, Decision No, Explanation, Material Advantage Lists etc.) regarding purchasing operations, can be recorded and printed. The Purchasing Decision, after choosing the company, can be prepared automatically with Decision Date and Number. The Commission Interim Decision Protocol can be formed so as to examine tender documents.  

The qualified companies are invited to form a contract.

The decision declaration (Decision Date, Number, Confirmation Date, Number) is made according to tender result of the companies. The list of the qualified companies can be printed. The detailed information (Guaranty Type, Date, Amount, Authorized Signatory) of the invited company to form a contract, can be monitored. The firm order operations (Delivery Time, Certifying Person Name and Title, Delivery Address, Date etc.) can be operated. The qualified company documents are prepared automatically. The contract templates that will be formed with the companies, can be prepared automatically as well.

Request order of the approved stock and consumable materials.

The Approval Certificate is prepared automatically according to budget articles. Order printout function is available for consumable materials.
The current situation of the orders (pending, delaying, custom, controlling, admittance etc.) can be displayed.

Examination report can be prepared while delivering the materials.

The examination report can be prepared while delivering the order materials. All information such as after sale support, company service, late delivery info, faulty material delivery etc. can be recorded in the basis of company. The Realization Writ can be formed. It is possible to make payment after the confirmation of the forms by the accounting service. The extra payment is prevented after controlling.