Every committed operation, every registered data are being kept safely

It provides reuse of electronic registers of patients' examination, etude, medicine, material, operation, admission, reports and of all healthcare corporation/organization services with niceties, examining quickly every application of a patient. All personal informations of a patient (Name, Surname, Date/Place of Birth, Blood Group etc.) and all operation informations with contact information of a patient (Social Security, Referral, Corporation, Register No etc.) are being kept safely. (Speed taped in emergency service and primary operation realization feature are being provided.)

Every committed operation, every registered data are being kept safely and can be examined separately. Searching options with parametric examination screens and Search Forms according to multiple choice features (Name, Affinity, Gender etc.) are being offered. Quick and easy access to information is being provided with user friendly, flexible and useful search interface.

Vital warnings which belong to patient (allergy, diabetes, hypertension etc.) in electronic patient card for their every application to a healthcare corporation/organization are displayed automatically. If patient apply to a healthcare corporation/organization with a doctor leading, doctor's info can be displayed as well

On-line provision and on-line Central Population Administration System examination and affirmation operations are being performed.

It realizes all GHI (General Health Insurance) /Medula (provision, right ownership, billing) operations, register controls, on-line provision and on-line CPAS examination and affirmation operations for formal and private insured patients. All patient operations are being made after provision confirmation. If provision operations are resulted negatively, continuation of patient's all operations is being blocked.

Patient's all operations can be watched with a individual code (Identity Number)

The Social Insurances informations of corporation and the payment information of pay patients can be displayed immediately because of compatibility of all modules with Pay Desk Module. All the financial informations of patient can be recorded automatically on Circulating Capital Module, Billing, Module, Accounting Module and the amount that patient paid can be invoiced as a second one.Kullan覺c覺 kart覺n覺 okuttuunda LCD ekranda hastaya verilen s覺ra numaras覺na ilikin bilgi aktar覺l覺yor. Bu bilgileri esas alan hastalar ne zaman muayene olaca覺n覺 繹reniyor.

It is used for following financial informations of patient, creating a different account number for each coming to health corporation/organization. It is accessible to detailed financial informations of patient with displaying detailed printout of previous account numbers. (in-patient, out patient, emergency patient)

For each coming of patient to health corporation/organization (even if he/she didn't get an appointment), he/she is being given a polyclinic queue number automatically (patient record and queue tickets can be printed) and with this queue number referral can be done automatically.

The Patient Identification Card that enables identifying visually (with photo) provides taking action without waiting in front of the consulting desk. The patients' file number or a bar code can be added onto Patient Identification Cards (PVC/magnetic card).

As per order smart cards (mifare) can be used. Mifare cards can work as touch-operated and as per order/need patient informations can be recorded in these cards.

Patient Identification Cards enables a using for each patient from different culture and level of education. Patients can identify themselves to the system with using Kiosk System and their Patient Identification Cards (Identifying themselves to the system) and with taking a queue number and then they can go directly to examination polyclinic. Owing to thermal publication card system and Patient Identification Card which work with RFID Card System, the problem of waiting in a queue will be disappeared and it enables to serve the patient in a timely manner. With Patient Identification Cards, authorized persons and related persons can reach in specified departments

With software that works integratedly with card systems; all cards as visitor card, personal card, security card can be printed. Card designing is being done by software and it is becoming possible for corporation to print its own cards. .