Admission and discharge operations of the patients can be made automatically.

All admission operations (polyclinic, emergency service, delivery room and all services) are available. The admission informations can be followed on the patient board immediately. Each operation can be queried separately. The diagnosis and treatment informations can be displayed by authorized users.

Board Request.

According to patient treatment mode, new board request is possible. The requests (Date, Service, Name etc.), Patient Operations (Service, Operation No, Operation Result, Institution etc.) and Request Medicines (Request Amount, Amount, Medicine Name, Code etc.) can be listed. While querying previous receipt informations, it is possible to create new receipt requests.

Board Request Lists


The query criterion are being created according to each service, doctor, medicine, code. The boards requests can be listed as number and amount. The favorites medicine and receipt types (normal, red, purple, green) can be monitored.

Access with one touch to admission / discharge lists

It is possible to have detailed printout of patient admission/discharge operations (patient informations, admission form, admission approval, Equipment List etc.). It is printed with laser or thermal printer. You can see the list of the whole operations of admission/discharge with one touch

The medications can be followed by pointing operation time, name, amount etc.

The provided services with the patient informations on the Patient ID Card (ID Card No, Service, Institution, Room Number, Bed Number, Admission Date, Admission Number, Diagnosis, Blood Group etc.) can be added with the code, name and point etc.

Examination request for the inpatient

The follow-up of all life symptoms, laboratory informations and order operations is provided. The whole medical interventions in the services (medical intervention, biopsy, drainage, medication and consumable materials etc.) are recorded. The payable amount of the operations are reflected automatically to the financial informations of the patient and they are prevented to take action if they haven't paid.

The Patient Information Labels, specially designed for users, can be published in order to prevent the complexity in laboratory medical specimens. The laboratory examinations can be listed daily, weekly and monthly with the unit name, reference values. The graphical monitoring is available as well

The whole requests are transferred to the related departments.

All requests are transferred automatically to the related departments and they are displayed as well. The customizable requests for the patients can be created. Within the frame of medication-medication interference, medication-food interference, patient allergies, blood and blood products, the doctor request process can be controlled automatically. The audible control and alert system is provided about laboratory results. For some doctor requests, (need to be signed in 24 hours) reminding is enabled with alerts and for some medication requests, automatic stop action is provided.

All requests can only be made by authorized doctors.

The doctor requests can only be cancelled and modified by authorized users. All modifications that are made in which date/time and by which user, are recorded. The unauthorized users can not modify the doctor requests.

Cell storage stock and expense lists


You may learn the medication availability in medication storage area (choosing from the list) with medication code and service in the cell storage stock list. You can choose material types (medication, consumable material, all) from the list with medication and unit code. The expense lists of materials can be displayed.

The nurse operations control and follow-up mechanism.

The nurses may group their patients with multi-option criterion and periodic care, routine patient, continuous observation options etc. The access to ID, admission and institution informations of the patient is available. The clinic priorities (emergency, privileged, routine) can be determined.

The doctors/nurses have the access right to all operations (all, outpatient, inpatient) according to laboratory results (unanalyzed, waiting result, specialist approval etc.). The laboratory results are marked with different colors so as not to confuse. You may access to service, device, test and doctor etc. results (all results, confirmed results, non-confirmed results). All results can be printed. It is possible to learn all actions such as pulse, blood pressure, respiration, liquid etc. during the last 24 hours and the last week.

The patient bed reservation operations

The bed availability (total bed availability, hospital attendant, engaged and available bed, doctor, floor, service, admission date etc.) can be queried in detail. The rooms of the intensive care unit patient are reserved.

The patient bed informations (bed no, room no, floor, service, hospital attendant etc), the bed availability (active, being cleaned, being not used, available, reserved etc) can be queried in order to formerly reserve. The room availability is declared immediately to all departments.

The bed reservation can be made for the admission patient. The price gaps are reflected automatically to financial informations of the patient. You may access polyclinic and previous admission information of the patient. It is easy to draw up a report daily, weekly and monthly. All admission informations are transferred automatically to the related departments and displayed when needed. The admission requests of the patients and the doctors are not possible.

The floor responsible can perform admission operations

The query, according to services, patient situation (admission, on leave, referral, family doctor etc.), institution type, can be made. According to criterion; you can scan the information of pay patients, not given protocol, admission, not issued an invoice etc. The floor responsible can perform the admission operations according to services, doctors and floors after displaying the bed availability of the hospital (total bed number, full/available, hospital attendant etc.)

The consumption lists for used materials

The consumption list can be made for the materials and medications in the units such as surgery rooms, delivery rooms, pharmacy etc. It is made according to criterion such as medication unit code, medication code, operation date, operation no. etc. You can see medication code, name, date etc in query results. The operation and treatment repetitions are prevented with alert messages.

Patient Discharging Operations

Patient discharging and referral operations are available. It is possible to see all operations, diagnosis informations of the patient in a common screen. All operations' financial costs are automatically reflected to the discharging patient bill. The epicrisis can be prepared automatically or manually during discharging operations.

Hospital attendants operations

All the information of the patient such as bed availability (room, floor) can be displayed and listed. The diet responsible and care/cleaning responsible can see the room availability. (full, available, clean, prepared).

All hospital attendants informations can be recorded then a Hospital Attendant Card can be published. The hospital attendants lists can be prepared when needed. All hospital attendants operations are reflected to financial records of the patient.

Epicrisis Reports can be prepared.

The epicrisis reports of the patient (patient complaints, medical history, detailed physical examination informations, result, treatment) can be prepared. According to branches; with epicrisis area definitions, it is possible to scan the areas (physical situation, head and neck, general situation, abdomen etc.). Medication dosage information, surgery informations etc. can be reported. All reports are displayed on the system after the doctor approval. It is not authorized to make change excepting authorized doctor.

The clinic management is directed by authorized clinic personnel. All records about the modification date and time are kept automatically. All informations about the clinic, doctor, request date and time etc. are recorded automatically. The automatic work list is prepared for the nurses after the doctor request.

Daily patient notes

The surgery notes (name, birth date, father name etc.), medication informations can be queried between the needed dates.

The medication dosage informations, surgical informations can be printed.

Examination forms in service polyclinics

The service polyclinic operations can be listed with query criterion such as referral, consultation, examination patients, patients with appointment, not examined. The patient consultation request can be made. It is possible to renew, cancel and report the control and examination appointments for service polyclinics. The appointment request operations can be realized for surgery and delivery rooms. The selected doctor's operation informations (total application number, the examined, the rest and capacity  amounts) total application, can be displayed.

The working schedules (calendar) for each service units

The shift schedules of the service staff (shift starting/termination/date/time and period can b e prepared. The access to previous patient shift cards is available. So shift date and time are arranged.

Access Control Systems are being used

The authorized access is enabled in order to ensure the general safety, to enhance labour force and efficiency of the healthcare institution, to control the personnel faster, securely and economically. If there is not an access door, the tollgate system is being used. The access control system with Mifare card can be applied in all access points and it is compatible with all shift and shiftless working.

The services that do not accept a visitor can be examined on the web.

You can watch the departments such as the patient room (critical), intensive care unit or surgery room on the web with a user name and a password. The authorized users may also watch the health institutions with security cameras (intra vires) just for information or security

It is possible to access to electronic health records on the mobile platforms.

The doctors and nurses can access to electronic health records with mobile platforms (Tablet PC, PDA). The doctors and the nurses can access to Çözüm HIS with wireless connection on their desktop in the healthcare institution.

It is easy to access to the necessary patient informations all the time. Thus; the doctors that have busy schedule, can perform all operations about their patients without losing time, a fault and forgetting their diagnosis.

The Patient ID Card with Active RFID Chip for the patients

The patient ID Card with active RFID chip is given to the patients on Çözüm Tablet PC/PDA Application. The whole patient informations can be stored in these smart cards. (the diseases that the patient had, examination and film results, used medications, allergies, social security informations, organ donation informations, family contact information, familiarization, treatments etc. It has process data feature in smart cards with microprocessor. As per order, the patient bracelets with RFID chip or barcode, are being used to identify the patient to the system.