Medical Dictation System provides a great convenience in report making.
Very Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition is working compatible with Sisoft HIS. Reports can be made vocally with medical dictation system while doctors’ rush working hours. By this way, doctors have more time for patients; user content, productivity and performance are increased; failure rate and costs are reduced.
Text files are created vocally.
Words (symptoms, diagnosis, requests, etc.) which will be known vocally are once registered in digital database and while doctor examine patient, he/she can create medical report vocally. Words can be vocalized by different users. Conversations are transferred to computer via a microphone without keyboard. Conversations are simultaneously made text.
Dependence of specialist to secretary is reduced.
Due to draft reports which are added to medical dictation, only certain changes are done on the report. Reports can be saved as audio file and electronic document in the system. After dictation or while dictation, documents can be modified or changed.