All transactions are done in full order and rule

Patients can monitor Policlinic Names, Physician Names, Order Numbers, Name and Surnames of the patient to be examined, Policlinic Information on LCD monitors positioned on the outpatient clinic doors.

Patients who are taken to the policlinics within a certain order can pass directly to the related services from the policlinics without going to the patient registration and admission section. Patients are monitored by the kiosk, from Sisoft Appointment Systems or from the application bank to the LCD monitors positioned on the doorsteps in the outpatient clinics and are informed about the order and duration and are referred to the outpatient clinics.


The barcode label, which has the order number printed on the application bank to process the application, is posted on the Sisoft Patient Tracking software on the fly (after registration of the personal information that will last up to one minute if the application is first applied to the institution). On the barcode label, the approximate time when the sequence will arrive is written and the patient is informed about the time to wait, warning information and statistical information are written.

Patients receiving barcode labels go directly to the polyclinic. The LCD monitors in the waiting areas are waiting for the patient to see the patient's name and the examination sequence number by monitoring the information of the patients before him. Patients enter the examination room directly when they arrive.

Sisoft Monitor Application is based on patient-focused service

In the case of the monitors with no standard stan- dices, the information such as the Patient's Name and Surname, the Name of the Physician, the Statistical Information, the physician's examination of the patient and the patient in order, the number of patients hospitalized, the number of patients enrolled, warning information is displayed.

The informing process is determined by the time (for example 30 seconds) and continuous information flow is provided on the screen. Patients waiting for their order thanks to the electronic sorting system can make transactions in a modern and contemporary environment by orienting towards the correct outpatient clinics or transaction points when they come to this information.

From the policlinics pass directly to the related services.

In the departments where the patients are guided, the same rules and regulations apply in the outpatient clinics. Laboratory, tomography, x-ray, ultrasound, etc., for patient examinations. When it is sent, when it is examined in which unit, when it takes the barcode belonging to that one, it is automatically taken in the order, and if it is done what is done, the analysis is entered according to that barcode. This operation both speeds up the process and shortens patient waiting times.

Patient records appear instantly on the physician's computer.

The information of patients who successfully complete the registration process is automatically displayed on the doctor's computer. The physician calls the patients by pressing a single key (F8). The name and surname of the patient, the name of the physician, the statistical information, the physician's examination of the patient, etc. with a single key. information is being broadcasted on the external monitor.

Patients and staff use time more efficiently.

With Sisoft LCD Monitor Application, patients use time more efficiently instead of waiting in queues. Because the patient's order is obvious, others can not get ahead of the order. Patients who have received their place number can sit on the premises offered to them if they wish, and they can do other things in the hospital during the waiting period if they wish. The patients do not have to stand, wait in the queue and in the hospital.

It also prevents the patients who want to trade to be stacked in front of the counter and the duty officer to have unnecessary questions and interventions. It prevents the staff on duty from giving the order number on paper. In this way, the staff of the staff increases and the possibility of making mistakes is decreasing. Staff members monitor the information on the Sisoft LCD Monitor System, speeding up sequence operations by making sequence orders more regularly.

It provides real-time (online) database connectivity.

The system, which does not require any additional software and has the necessary integration processes with Sisoft Patient Tracking Software, establishes database connections at physically remote units (separate buildings, annexes, etc.) online. It even establishes a network of networks between units that are miles away, allowing the monitors to be easily managed and live information to be sent.

Monitors are configured according to the needs and requirements of the health care facility. All kinds of graphical processing are done on the information to be displayed on the monitors (frames), logos and ready picture files are arranged. Promotional films and animations are being broadcasted in cases where polyclinics do not serve.

It works with low cost hardware.

The LCD monitor (a wide range of products from a simple TV or ordinary monitor to a multifunctional advanced monitor can be used), a PCI graphics card, the computer network that is currently used, and only the wiring between the computers and the monitors is enough.

The activity of the selected physician can be monitored from the monitors.

"Sisoft LCD Monitor Application" is being established in the outpatient clinics in order to facilitate the use of the Physician's Choice Applicant in order not to experience any turmoil in the institutions where more than one physician is serving in the same branch. Patients can monitor the activity of their chosen physician (how many patients they have examined, how many patients are in order) through monitors.

Thanks to the multi-purpose usage feature, continuous information flow is provided.

On LCD Monitors; Policlinic Names, Physician Names, Patient Room Numbers, Daily Clinic Quotas, Remaining Inspection Quotas, Physician's Working Days, Polyclinic Inspection Sequential Numbers, Roster Lists, Food Lists, Inpatient, Newborn Baby, Surgical Patient Information, Check-in times, Date and Time of Day, Temperature, Air Temperature, all kinds of informative and stimulating messages and advertisements can be published and all information is managed by Sisoft HBYS.

Announcements of advertisements and healthcare providers are being published from monitors.

In order to publish on the bottom of the monitor screens, health insurance companies' banner ads or commercial animations are taken and provided to the business. In addition, announcements such as conferences, seminars, concerts, stimulating messages and news are transmitted to the patients through the monitors. Large screen TVs or plasma TVs can be used as information boards.

Patient information can be displayed in detail on large screen TVs placed in waiting rooms. It is possible to display the information of the patients in the interim, statistical information, information about the outpatient clinics, announcements. Compared to Digital Information Panels, it provides an unrivaled graphics superiority. It can be configured as desired via a computer.

With information panels, you can set up an information network, perform all kinds of graphical operations, display image files, send live information panels, and be able to see even remarkable animations with remarkable animations.

Sisoft works in an integrated manner with Kiosk and Appointment Systems

Patients who use the Sisoft Kiosk System to get the order number without needing assistance of the staff in the application bank can directly access the barcode label they receive from the kiosk by reading the identification cards (Mifare Card, Smart Card, Magnetic Stripe Card etc.), reading the barcodes, or entering the TC Identity Numbers policlinics. They monitor their sequence numbers from the monitors placed on the outpatient clinic doors. The Sisoft LCD Monitor application is integrated with all Sisoft Appointment Systems.

It consists of intelligent routing system

Mifare Card, Smart Card, Magnetic Stripe Card, etc. With the aid of descriptive hardware, the computer on the bar code labeling system automatically recognizes these cards. Patients introduce themselves to the system before going to the counter. They easily get the sequence number on this count. Sequential, provides full integration with electronic information panel applications digital panel etc.. It can be used together with sequential application, or it can be used singularly.