It provides full integration with medical devices


LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

It works as hardwired with HIMS (Hospital Information Management System), all related laboratories and x-ray machines. It works integratedly with the standards and Radiology Information System as Radiologic Imaging and Archiving System (PACS), HL7 (Health Level 7), ICD 10 (International Classification of Diseases) etc. Çözüm LIMS, making meaningful of all data received and sent to analyzer, transmit to users and patients. It interconnects different laboratories, and so lots of centers and central laboratories can work just in a common system.

Patient Examination can be made on the web.

The doctors can make patient examinations on the web. They can watch synchronously examination results, examination steps (resulted, operation couldn't start etc.) intra vires on the web. All examinations (radiology result reports, other laboratories, examination-oriented attempts, check-up etc.) obtained from the devices connected to the system, patient examinations which are sent from other institutions can be displayed as categorizing. The requests that made by the doctors can be displayed synchronously on the laboratory computers. The doctors, while making their examination requests, creating their own package and panels, can update whenever they want. Repeated requests can be controlled by the system and they can give a warning.

The examination requests are being transmitted to related departments.

The identity information of the doctor who made the request with the check in of medical examination requests, is being recorded to the system. The examination data as EKG, EEG, EMG etc. are located in the system. The medical requests, coming from any unit in the system, transmitted automatically to the relevant sections. Leveling the examinations, they can be defined with the color codes. (Emergency, Privileged, Rutin) The place and the time information that the examinations were made, recorded to the system. The printouts of results, tests and pathologic range can be defined. The binding rules and examinations are given to the patients as printout.

The examinations are being followed with Barcode System.

The transmittance step of the examinations, sent to the laboratory, and the examinations results, obtained from integrated medical devices (automatically), are being followed with Barcode System. The previous test results can be reached using the barcode labels. Barcoding all the patient samples, the operation is realized faultlessly and quickly. A singular barcode number is printed for the samples. (compatible with the devices as auto-analyzer, blood count device etc.) The barcode label that contains the informations like the barcode number, Name and Surname of the patient, a short description of the sample etc., is sticked on patient samples. The date and the time of the results can be defined on the date of having results. We have the possibility of treating instantly because of having the entrance and exit hours.

Manual Test Operations Are Disappearing.

By means of Çözüm LIMS, all manual test operations are completely disappearing. It is possible to transmit all the test results that are manually obtained and the soft and hard copy laboratory results coming from other laboratories. So it enables recording and following all manual test results in the system at will.

The examination results can be obtained as on-line.

It is realized as choosing them from the coded lists. The system permits the alphanumeric test coding. The daily, weekly, monthly printouts can be obtained as examination result record at will. The unfinalized requests are being canceled because of not executing them. The request, examination and billing operations are being operated in one step in the laboratory. The prices of all these operations are reflected automatically in the financial informations of the patient. 

The device tests are being controlled if they are working rightly or not.

The Quality Control System is being used in order to control the laboratory devices if they are working rightly or not. The quality control system results can be displayed according to defined parameters, date range, reference values and levels etc. (Date, Result, Situation, Reference etc.) QC statistics, graphic reports which are integrated to Çözüm LIMS with Level-Jennings graphic standard can be obtained. Level-Jennings graphic standard, as a standard that facilitates to comment about device calibration, is compatible with certain laboratory devices. If the devices that have not a Level-Jennings graphic standard, send the QC results to the automation system, Level-Jennings graphic can be obtained with the help of this program. The truer QC results can be obtained, using different quality control kits for QC operations of the devices.

The results can be obtained as two phased.

The description of devices and users in the system, of authorized users, of device communication (frame, protocol, port etc.) and the tests in the laboratory can be defined. The authorized users, seeing only the tests of their field, can confirm quickly. After the technical confirmation (laboratory technicians), the worked tests are propounded for an expert confirmation. So the error rate decreases to minimum. If the expert does not confirm the report, all the users can't see the examination results. (excepting the authorized ones) The report is issued automatically after the expert confirmation.

User-defined result reports can be defined.

The result report is displayed in a flexible structure, in accordance with the request and hospital functioning (user-defined). The tests can be reported separately or as a profile. The result reports can be organized as a free text and as per order with the standard reports that contain normal values as Gender, Age, Subgroup etc. After having written, the results reports are being approved by authorized users and can be printed. The reports, on demand, can be sent to the server and to the printer as e-mail and fax.

A particular module is located inside Çözüm LIMS Module for Bacteria Antibiogram Unit that have a reporting system. Thus, it is reported conveniently according to culture results and as per order, the necessary information for diagnosis is being recorded in digital media by typing the antibiograms manually according to biogenic bacterias.

The statistics can be set up with the help of enriched interrogation criterias.

A great numbers of statistics (test, date range, unit) are being set up with enriched interrogation criterias according to the patients, the requests, the test results, the kit amounts etc. As per order, the QC statistics and and the reports (numeric, graphical) can be prepared. (The statistics of all requests for the laboratory) Detailed statistical reports can be prepared for all operations in the laboratories. Statistical data like the request, the doctor who requests, department and diagnosis (ICD-10) can be obtained. The cost analysis statistics of laboratory examinations can be prepared. The entrance, exit, stock and request statistics, regarding the materials used in the laboratories, can be prepared.

Stock Follow-up of blood and blood products can be done.

Blood and blood products in stock can be reserved and reserve history can be followed. The exit of reserved blood and blood products (Date/Time etc.) can be done. The input/output process of blood and blood products can be realized manually or with a barcode reader. It is possible to make a search according to product range and to blood group between the blood stocks. You can see the informations as barcode (the cupboard and location informations) on blood and blood products (plastic blood bag). By means of barcode on plastic blood bags, the error rate can be reduced and the functioning accelerates. A singular blood number is designated automatically or as per order for each blood record. The next processes are being followed with that blood number of the patient

RFID labels prevent making errors.

With the help of RFID labels on tubes, plastic blood groups; it is provided to make errors as designating what do they contain and who does belong to? By means of RFID labels of all bloods; it is possible to see all actions about blood groups.

Cross-match Follow-up is being realized.

A cross-match book is kept for the bloods that are sent to the service. Blood Group Registration Form is written out for registered patients. You will be alerted by the system if there is an error between the patient register and planned blood group. Cross-match and other tests are being made automatically and entered up in patient file. Working integratedly with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), it enables following all the tests by LIMS and Blood Bank. For Elisa test (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), an Elisa Registration Form can be prepared. HBS, AG, HIV and VDRL informations and recording other examination results, can be displayed in the services.

Medical Dictate System provides convenience for writing a medical report.

Very Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition on voice processing technologies works compatibly with Çözüm HIMS. With the help of Medical Dictate System, it is possible to create medical reports while talking. It prevents to lose time for the doctors because of taking care of  lots of patient. So they are not obliged to save of time for their each patient. With the help of Medical Dictate System, user satisfaction, efficiency and performance is assured, error rates and the costs are being reduced.

The text files are being created while speaking.

The words (symptoms, diagnosis, requests etc.) are recorded in database one time. (can be vocalized by different users as well) The doctor prepare a voice medical report while he/she is examining his/her patient. The conversations are transmitted to the computer without using a keyboard. With a real time identifying, Medical Dictate System records all words (without an obligation of stopping) while speaking in an electronic environment. The recorded voices in the computer are converted immediately into a Turkish text.

The dependency need for the secretary is disappearing for the expert personnel.

By means of the Draft Reports, the time of reporting is being shortened while focusing on the related section. The work load density is disappearing after the examination for the departments that draw up a report. As per order, the episodes that will be dictated will be chosen and it will provide to focus on the selected episode. The reports that are dictated,   are recorded in the system as an audio file and electronic document. And after, the assistant can reform and change the electronic document, comparing the audio file and the electronic document. As per order, it is possible to reform the electronic document remotely by the assistant during dictating.

By means of Medical Sound Recording System; patient/doctor negotiations are being recorded.

By meand of Çözüö Medical Sound Recording System; patient/doctor negotiations are being recorded. While the doctor is examining his/her patient, all voiced negotiations are being recorded. Once the doctor chooses the related patient, the system starts to record automatically the operation (conversation).

The doctor can listen the patient negotiations in case of need. It provides a great facility for remembering his/her patient's history for the doctor. The information security is organized as the related doctor can see only the related patient's registers. All registers are protected as mp3 formatted and ring quality in order to get a net access. We don't need an interface for keeping voice records. Çözüm Medical Sound Recording System suggests to use speech recognition systems when the dictate systems are insufficient or when it is hard to dictate the voices.