It provides managing, transmitting and integrating the informations.It provides managing, transmitting and integrating the informations.

HL7: Health Level 7: provides a broad outline which contains necessary standards in order to able to share data between health information systems.

HHL7 encourages its using between and inside the health organizations in order to raise effectiveness and productivity of standards for everybody's advantage.

Data can be transmitted with HL7 standard to the same or different softwares inside or between the corporations.

HL7 provides systems to communicate as “stand-alone company.” It helps hospital intern and extern systems to work in concordance. Although infrastructures of health organizations are different, it helps to share patient data, operation data and situation data between the corporations

It works integratedly with HL7 standard. Other hospital information management systems at the hospitals can work and share correctly and more easily patient data with message if it is compatible with HL7 standard.

It provides essential structure and mechanisms in order to transmit detailed administrative, financial and medical informations to public institutions as standard.

HL 7 standards are developed by HL 7 members.

HL7 standards are developed by HL7 members (corporation/organizations which offer service, pay health service prices, companies which produce device/system/solution, consultants etc. and related persons in order to develop/update the clinical and executive standards in health sector) .

It develops very detailed description / specifications. These developed specifications are being used as messaging standard in order to transmit and share mutually key clinic and administrative data sets of different health applications.

Çözüm LIMS is compatible with HL7

Çözüm LIMS, storing all infos according to HL 7 standards and structures, is compatible with message and security necessities.

After the works are completed related to certification by Medical Informatics Association, documentation will be realized.

Çözüm Bilgisayar authorities are participating to works as HL7 Turkey Member.

HL7 is becoming organized in Turkey within the body of Medical Informatics Association (TurkMIA). TurkMIA carries on the activity coordinately with Ministry of Health as examining and evaluating the standards, applying them, generalizing in our country and encouraging. Çözüm Bilgisayar, being a member of HL7 Turkey, contributes to work groups.

HL7 Strategies:

To develop coherent, extendible standards for the communication of structural, coded health informations between computer applications in order to support diagnosis and treatment services,

To develop a formal methodology from HL7 Reference Information Model so as to support the creation of HL7 standards,

To develop a formal methodology from HL7 Reference Information Model so as to support the creation of HL7 standards,

To instruct the society, health industry and the corporation/organizations which create politics in health sector for the standardization of health informations,

To encourage International Affiliate organizations which will participate to development of HL7 standards and adapt/apply them in order to generalize usage of HL7 standards,

To encourage, to support and to facilitate the participation of experts who are within the body of stakeholders in health sectors so as to develop health information standards,

To cooperate with other domestic and international institutions, organizations (like ANSI, ISO) which develop standards in the field of infrastructure and information in order to encourage the usages of compatible and promotive standards,

To satisfy the need of HL7 standards in real life in a cooperation with health information technologies users