The dialysis operations are recorded.

All records about patient admission, can be kept and be accessed easily. The private health information of the patient (Hepatitis, Hyper/Hypotension, vascular access etc.) can be recorded and controlled. The Patient Chart Info (Allergies, Contagious Diseases, Blood Group etc.), the surgery and birth information (Fever, Pulse etc.) are recorded.

The whole applications in emergency and other services are accepted. While discharging the patient, preparing an epicrisis report, the patient referral to any institution can be made. It enables recording all the necessary patient operations during admission and discharging processes.

The identity register of the employee in charge in dialysis unit is kept.

The identity register of the employee who is responsible for dialysis operations and medical treatments, is kept. The identity registers can be monitored in certain formats at any time and can be reported. The Working Schedules, Shift Schedules and the necessity lists of the employee in charge (Doctors, Nurses) in dialysis unit can be prepared.

The medication and materials' Entrance/Exit/Stock/Request operations are realized.

The Special Follow-up Lists for each patient are created in order to enable medication and material control in dialysis unit. The minimum medication and material stock control is enabled for each patient. The medication and materials' Entrance/Exit/Stock/Request operations are realized. The used materials in dialysis unit, are removed from the stocks. If the stock reaches to risk level, the users are alerted. The first and the last date of hemodialysis treatments are recorded Daily/Monthly/Annually. The organ donation operations and information are recorded.

The patient admission via appointment is available.

The patient appointments can be arranged periodically at any time. The consultation request and the results can be followed-up. The appointment cancellation and the transfers between the appointments are realized considering the parameters such as HBV, HCV and HIV etc. Searching appointment condition and machine list, (Listing Occupied and Available machines) the necessary arrangements are realized automatically. After the dialysis operations, the patient's discharging operations are performed.r.

The operations and used medication and material costs are reflected instantly to financial records of the patients.

The identity register of the doctor who has requested treatment, medication and material, is kept. The used medications, realized operations and examinations etc. and the prices of every kind of used materials (catheter, injector, x-ray, medication, etc.)are reflected instantly to the financial records of the patient in an electronic environment. The medications and the materials are supplied from other pharmacies and other institutions in case of absence in hospital pharmacies and its cost is reflected to financial record of the patient. (it is prevented to record as an expense) The dialysis operations record can be kept and its invoice can be drew up.

The machine conditions in dialysis unit, can be followed-up.

Being compatible with Device Follow-up Module, the machine conditions can be followed-up. (Functioning, Out of order, Under repair). We can make a choice by listing the occupied and available machines considering the parameters such as HBV, HCV and HIV etc.

We can produce various statistics related to records and operations.

It is possible to produce various statistics about record and dialysis operations of the patients who receive a treatment in dialysis unit. It informs us about the solutions, sets, dialysis and other equipments that will be used for stock records. (Stock movements, final situations and statistics.) The reports can be printed replying the operations queries. The whole list and details are detected in the phase of System Adaptation Necessities Analyze. The Health Board Report is compiled rightly and accurately.