Barcode labels are available for inventory stocks.


By labeling the medical products, devices, equipments and medications in healthcare institutions; they are all identified to the system. They are all recorded into the system after being recognized and identified by barcode system, RFID, CCD, hand-held mobile terminal, portable computer, etc. As compared with one-dimensional barcodes, the inventory stocks can be read through two-dimensional Barcode Readers (laser or CCD).

Data entry is faster, easier and more accurate with the help of Barcode system. The barcode technology provides a flexible and economical structure because of its simple infrastructure and it can be recognized easily by the devices. It is possible to imprint barcodes on Çözüm Fixed-Asset Module. (Inventory Stock Module).

Automatic Recognition / Data Collection with RFID Technology


The microchip labels on inventory stocks as compared with barcodes, can contain all inventory stock information in it. The system that doesn't need an intermediary unit for data transfer, can follow-up the process with microchip labels rather than barcodes. The whole inventory stock movements and operations can be followed-up instantly.

An effective asset management

All the process beginning from functioning to malfunctioning of inventory stocks can be followed-up and controlled with RFID technology, so it provides an effective Asset Management. Collecting data with wireless technology, processing data, storage and delivery provide an effective asset management simultaneously, faster and error-free. bir varlık yönetimini sağlıyor.

PDA play an important role for inventory stocks

The barcode information, read by PDA devices, hand-held terminal, wireless barcode readers, can be transferred via Bluetooth Technology. The inventory stock information in storerooms can communicate easily with central system. As compared with hand-held terminal, PDA is smaller and lighter and has bigger screen. They have an active role for inventory stock follow-up.

Inventory stock cards can be identified


You can have the  information like inventory stock number, movable inventory stock code, place info and explanation about the material in inventory stock card. You can access to Inventory Stock Information (active, non-active, taking inventory, scrap etc.), Record Informations (entry number, date, usage date, exit, entry type, brand, serial number, etc.), Budget Type (general budget, circulating capital, annexed budget, special administration). You can record information such as purchase price, billing data, model, GMDN code. The vehicle follow-up is available. (license plate, model, brand, vin number, type, color, engine power, cylinder volume, production type, net weight etc.)

Amortization account and revaluation operations

The follow-up of all inventory stock and fixed assets and amortization accounting, revaluation operations can be realized. You can choose master budget in amortization account and amortization group code. Inventory stock lists and grouped inventory stock amortization lists are available.

Multi-option inventory stock query is available

The options such as prior inventory stock cards, inventory stock code, name, entry date, condition, inventory stock type etc. can be queried. The final situation of inventory stock material requests can be displayed. (uninitiated, resuming, completed)

Inventory Stock list and charts can be formed


We can have Inventory Stock List according to criterion such as inventory stock number, name, type, place, staff name, etc. Inventory Stock Range Chart (inventory stock type, place, unit, personnel, etc.) can be formed. Inventory Stock Charts, Good Inventory Charts, Inventory Stock Good Charts can be formed. Inventory Stock Debit Book, Inventory Stock Code List, Inventory Stock Name Group List can be produced. Inventory Delivery Process can be formed.

Handover and debit operations can be realized

The personnel and code can be selected for handover inventory stock operations. We can form a Handover Protocol. Debit Bill Title, Protocol Number / Date, Deliverer, Certifier etc. informations are available.

Ration Definitions can be formed

According to query criterion, the prior ration cards can be queried. The information such as ration form, ration date, request date, ration type, meal etc. can be recorded. We can have the information like used material's name, unit, used amount, unit price, total etc.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner definitions can be realized. We can have reports monthly and choose diet food on the list. The food ingredients and templates (Code, Name, Amount, Calorie etc.) can be formed. We can choose the interactive food (according to the selected profile). The recommended and unrecommended ones can be noted. Diet food requests can be created, the foods and diet ingredients can be monitored. The Diet Request Condition Lists can be formed at any time and in the basis of services.