Revenue and Cost Follow-up per patient

All service, medication and material transfers in healthcare institutions can be followed and examined in the basis of institution, patient, doctor, user, date range, polyclinic. The revenue and cost of the service, can be followed according to used materials and materials cost. The revenue and cost follow-up per patient can be realized. The revenues can be followed in the basis of doctor and social security institutions. The institution payments can be accounted..

Debit and Credit Follow-up

The auxiliary accounts, (owing/payee, deposit fund account etc.) can be collectively followed in the basis of institution/person and bill in the current system. The payment period for debts and the receipt period for credit can be calculated. Creating daily and weekly debt discharging lists, it is easy to follow the financial debts according to term. 

The debt and credit balance due control can be identified according to balance due type. The payment documents can be displayed and the  feedback can be made automatically. The follow-up of invoiced bills and the returns, converted into accounting forms in the end of the day, can be made automatically.

Bank Account Follow-up

The company money order information can be printed. It works with Check/Bill Module in and integrated manner. And then all the documents can be printed. In case of non-payment of the patients, a bill can be issued with the confirmation of head physician in order to complete discharging operations.

Budget Account Follow-up

The Budget Account Follow-up option is available with accounting statements. The Revenue Budget, Approximate Investment, Expense Budget and Comparison Identifications can be made. It is possible to add additional controls to budget accounts monthly and annually by the user. The Budget Appropriate Form (Appropriate, Perquisite, Received Appropriate, Given Appropriate, Drew Appropriate) and Appropriate Charts can be formed. The Tender Budget Expense Reports (Year, Budget Code), the Budget Expense Reports (Budget Account Code, Accounting Calculation Code, Form Date, Receiving Type), the Revenue Budget Balance (Period Budget Chart, Date Ranged Chart), the Expense Chart (Period Budget Chart, Date Ranged Chart), the Revenue Chart (Period Revenue Chart) can be arranged. The financial charts (comparative balance sheet, budget comparative balance sheet, revenue/expense chart, budget comparative  revenue/expense chart etc.) can be formed. The accounting calculation design is available. The Auxiliary Account Design, (Budget Expense Report, Budget Balance, Revenue Budget) is available as well.