Being compatible with 112 Emergency Service of Ministry of Health; it sends information. It shares the information of 112 Emergency Service with Ministry of Health (sending information) and communicating with the system, it provides an efficient service usage. It is easy to access to bed availability information and device information according to the service in the hospitals. We can access to the number of Total Bed Number, Available Bed, Total Ventilator, Available Ventilator, Total Incubator, Available Incubator in the section of Send Service Info of Emergency Service Module (Emergency Child, Emergency Adult, Intensive Care, Service, General Surgery etc.). Multi-Emergency Service can be determined.

     The privileged operations, particular to emergency service units

     The Private Health Info (Chronic Diseases, Allergies, Trauma, Operations etc.) of the emergency service patient, are firstly controlled then recorded. The necessary warnings are being made for the diseases that are obliged to be noticed. Creating label info for forms and addresses; it is easy to print. The Emergency Requests (Surgery, Appointment, Examination etc.) are privileged in the entire system. After the Blood Request; the realized requests are removed automatically from Blood Bank Module. The necessary warnings are made automatically for emergency actions. The admission and referral operations of the patients (that also don't have a social insurance) to Emergency Service are made automatically.

     The detailed list of emergency service patient can be formed

    The list of emergency service patient can be formed by notifying Action Number, Queue Number and Name/Surname. The data entry and examination operations of the selected patient can be realized. Apart from other information of the patient (Blood Group, ID Number, Institution, Doctor and Diagnosis), you can find a digital photo as well. The operation types (Routine, Committee, Judicial Case, Occupational Accident, Traffic Accident etc.) can be identified. The searched patients can be listed. 

     The lists, suitable to requested criterion, can be formed after a search of Out of Protocol, Without Diagnosis, Patient Referral, Pay Patient etc. The detailed printout which contains Polyclinic Operation Number, Patient File Number, Protocol Number, Service Name, Operation Date, Leaving Date etc. with Personal Information of the patient.

     The emergency actions can be queried in detail.

     The Case Query List (Without Case Registration, Case Registration Made) can be formed according to query criterion. The executed operations can be displayed with Operation Number, Protocol Number and Status Info. The case information (Operation Number, Name/Surname, ID Number, Gender etc.) can be updated. The Emergency Records (Arrival Date and Time, Pre-diagnosis, Pre-diagnosis Code, Call Type, Call Reason, High Blood Pressure, Hypotension, Pulse, Respiration, Place, Case Info etc.) can be kept.

     The graphical information printouts are available.

     The services, medications, laboratory results and PACS pictures of the patient (with daily, weekly and monthly parameters) can be followed according to Room, Examination and Date. The graphical printouts can be obtained after having searched the Fever, Pulse, High Blood Pressure, Respiration, Liquid Valances in the last 24 hours and in the last week.

     The watch schedule can be created.

     The contact information of the personnel that is on duty in emergency service, is recorded. But it can be updated with authorized user password. (address and telephone info can be reached only by hospital personnel) The personnel who is on duty at night, can be queried according to th related service and the date. (Today, Tomorrow, Next Week).

     The emergency service statistics can be produced.

     Recording materials in emergency service; the operations of Admission / Discharging / Stock / Request can be realized. The emergency service statistics can be produced and queried then it can be printed in detail. All necessary printed documents (Epicrisis, Judicial Report, Personnel etc.) are available.