It enables advanced security and control.


By means of the smart cards that are really easy to use (at the size of a key) and that are inserted to the USB port of the computers, informations, passwords and digital certificates can be stored securely.

The processor in the smart card enables the information stored in the card to be enciphered at a high level of security, controls and protects the information off unauthorized access, limitations (can not be copied).

e-Token is used to sustain advanced security on local area network or on the Internet. e-token which is used especially in computers of system authorities or in the network environment, stores the information regarding the user information, passwords etc. Since the password is not on the hard disk (Stored in the smart card), unauthorized people can not access to the information stored.

e-Token enhances the effectiveness of firewall. 

Since e-Token is a USB based device (installed in USB port of the computer, monitor or the keyboard) and does not require any additional software, it provides ease-of-use. The users can set passwords in unlimitedlength and all of the information contained in the device can not be secured by means of different encrypting algorithms and protocols.

Saving the password in it, e-Token provides advanced security regarding unauthorized access.

Since it saves the passwords in its own structure, e-Token that can be used within the network or on a personal computer on demand reduces the risks concerning the password cracking activities or similar attacks of the people that wish to access the data without authorization to the minimum and ensures high level of security both within the Internet and the local area network.

Health registers of the patients are stored in the smart cards.

The health files that contain all registered information regarding the health condition of the patient till the date of birth are stored in the smart cards. The mentioned files for the patients follow-up at each time the patient applies to the hospital (after all activities conducted are registered in a real time basis, the files can act as a health register book).

Every time the patient applies to the hospital, the personnel can access the health information history within the boundaries of their authorization level. All medical information about the patient such as the diseases that the patient had previously, the results of the tests made and the X-rays taken, the medication used, allergies, social security information, demand on donation of the organs, the contact info of the patient's doctor and family members, habits, examinations applied, operations underwent and etc. are stored in the smart cards. Immediate information flow is sustained as from the first minute the patient applied to the related health institution.

Smart Cards operate as information processing and storage devices.

Instead of the magnetic stripe, smart cards contain a microprocessor that is embedded in the card. The microprocessor functions as a data processor and storage device under physical security.

Working efficiency can be controlled via smart cards


Smart cards are able to hold dozens of functions both eliminates the time losses and provides significant opportunities regarding the access to the patient and the control of institutional work efficiency. The quality, duration and the scope of the services and similar elements regarding the services that the institution provides to the patients can not be controlled through the smart cards.

The information regarding the patient can be accessed momentarily after the patient is recognized by the system through the smart card. By means of the mobilized environment that enables the access to the patient information any time, the error rate in the activities to be carried out diminishes and the time losses accruing during the archive-preparing process are prevented.Veri işleyebilme özelliğine sahip çok amaçlı kullanıma uygun olarak geliştirilmiş sistemlerden oluşuyor.

Smart cards compose of systems that are able to process data and that are developed in conformity with multi-purpose use.

Smart cards are composed of systems that ares developed in conformity with the multi-purpose use and that can process data apart from just storing the data by means of the microprocessor attached onto the card. The cards are widely used in many areas that require a secure information inputting, storage and process power, such as field of health. Smart cards contribute to the institutional identity of the institutions it is utilized in and provides reliability, and prestige to the name of the institution.

Unlike the magnetic cards, it has the ability to process the data in a secure way without requiring access to the central database.

It is possible to add new information and to run new applications with cards that have microprocessor chips. Unlike the magnetic stripe cards, it isn't necessary to access the central database in each application.

Ensuring advanced security and control, it protects the system from unauthorized access, copying and imitating.

Smart cards provide more advanced levels of protection as compared to that provided by the magnetic stripe cards. It shows significantly high conformity to the Çözüm HIMS that employs a seven-digit security chain (Board, Space and Menu etc). In accordance with the external threats; by means of its structure that prevents data copying and that protects password algorithms, it diminishes the risk of accessing the card content in case of captures by undesired people to the minimum, it provides protection against unauthorized access, copying and imitating.

It helps the institution in regulating the work flow and speeding up the processes.

Eliminating the manual activities and file and document archives, it accelerates the patient related activities. It eliminates the errors that generally come out due to the conversations between the personnel and the patients during the performance of the manually-made works.

The fact that the patient registers are stored in numerical environment, the space taken up by the archive files are tightened, the problems resulting from the inappropriate physical protection conditions are eliminated and it is enabled to access the registers any time desired in a secure way.