Ration definitions can be formed.


We can query ration cards according to multi-option query criterion. Forming new ration cards; the informations of Catering Tickets, Catering Date, Request Date, Catering Type, Meal etc. can be recorded. We can have the information of Material Name, Unit, Amount, Unit Price, Total Sum etc. The meal options are available.

The menu option list for the patient

Diet Food Plans can be made for the patients. We can see Private Diet Menus. The previous diet menus of inpatients and outpatients can be monitored. The diet menu deviations, meal time deviations are reported. The calorie calculation is made automatically on Diet Menu.

Diet Lists can be formed.

For outpatients, the Diet Lists can be formed. Querying diet lists at any time; we can print out the lists. The next day diet lists are automatically created. The nutrition and diet charts for outpatients can be printed out

Patient Food Diets can be followed-up.

Reducing Diets for inpatients and outpatients are followed-up. The patient food diet that appears on doctor request, can be monitored on diet department and the necessary ones can be printed out. It enables the diet to be updated automatically when the patient food diet is rescheduled. The patient who shouldn't eat can be monitored automatically on diet department. After the medical operation, the patient's meal time is scheduled automatically.

Diet foods can be selected from the list.


The food ingredients and templates (Code, Name, Amount, Calorie etc.) can be formed. We can choose the interactive food (according to the selected profile). The recommended and unrecommended ones can be noted. The medication can be tracked automatically when the diet request is loaded and the warning is given. The system warns the user when he/she chooses the wrong food for the patient. Daily planned foods and the meal types can be queried.

Diet food requests can be prepared.

Diet food requests can be created, the foods and diet ingredients can be monitored. The Diet Request Condition Lists can be formed at any time and in the basis of services. The food period of the patient can be followed-up in detail. The New Diet Requests can be made related to new diet schedules. The Diet Request Lists of the patients can be formed. The whole confirmed, unconfirmed diet lists can be arranged in the basis of morning, midday and night as Main Meal, Snack, Hospital Attendant Main Meal,  Hospital Attendant Snack. As per order, we can have Diet Requests Summaries.

We can create ingredient lists of diet foods.


According to Diet Schedule, we can make the necessary ingredient lists. We can search the ingredient for daily meals. The daily amount can be displayed automatically. It is possible to calculate the  materials and their consumptions daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

The necessary ingredients lists can be made according to diet schedule of the patient. The system records food data. According to previous lists and stocks, we can make an order. We can follow ingredient stock operations. We can take print outs related to Current Stock, Spent, Return, Expired, thrown ingredients. The informative diet ingredient papers are given to discharging patient. The inpatients can display their menus on the touch-operated monitors or on Patient TVs.