The book records that are obligatory to keep according to the instructions of Ministry of Finance can be stored in the system. Chart of Accounts, Accrual Writ, Day Book, Ledger, Subsidiary Ledger, Balance Sheet, Balance, Margin Account etc.

The circulating capital shares of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Health can be calculated. The circulating capital accounts of University, State and Training Hospitals can be kept and be followed-up in detail. The staff performance is calculated according to different application types and the pay roll can be prepared.

The interventional points are followed in the system.

In accordance with Circulating Capital Instructions, it is provided to calculate service item and to display the progress billing. It is enabled to calculate their own performance with the help of the reports for the persons and to follow their accounts with their own user accounts.

The doctor progress billing definition

By means of a different doctor status, each doctor can get a private number for progress billing definitions. The doctor progress billing can be calculated in stages. The data transfer is available for performance extra pay.

The interventional points of the doctors are followed in the system. The points are transferred automatically in order to calculate circulating capital pay roll to the system. It can be transferred to Excel and be prepared separately in Excel file.

The extra pay information is transmitted to Ministry on the web.

The module works with Çözüm Web Personnel Module in an integrated manner. The monthly extra pay and personnel information are transferred to Ministry on the web. It is possible to operate record and update actions of the personnel with one touch control instead of Personnel Follow-up System Application.

Self-employment parameters follow-up

Self-employment parameters can be followed-up automatically. The monthly personnel performance follow-up can be made by containing information variety and pay roll account.

The doctor circulating capital pay rolls can be formed. The personnel circulating capital pay roll can be formed as well.

Circulating Capital Pay Roll

The circulating capital pay roll of contract labor can be calculated. The contract labors' circulating capital pay roll can be prepared with civil servant pay rolls in accordance with 4/b (Contract Labor).

Circulating Capital Basis is calculated automatically according to salary information of the personnel every month. If there are missing basis, it can be operated manually. Risky Unit Title and Limit Parameters can be followed-up automatically.

Salary and extra pay deductions

The insurance premium deduction can be made for salaries and extra pays. The premiums and salaries can be calculated cumulatively. The punishment and reward operations are available for the personnel. The enforcement and other deductions are available as well. The personnel salary and extra pay deductions can be made.
The off days on Personnel Module can be followed automatically and the deduction can be made on extra pay information.