All pay desk operations can be monitored with queue paging or monitor applications.

The patient safe numbers can be seen on the monitors or on the queue paging monitors in front of the pay desk. The queue numbers that identify the pay desk user on the monitor can be displayed as well.

The pay desk users, pressing one key (F8), can see the next patient and call the next patient pressing ctrl and F8 key. The patients can realize their pay desk operations by following their operation numbers on queue paging monitors without a complexity.

It is possible to have receipt printout regarding the payment.

The expenses of service or medication/material can be printed as a receipt or a bill. A receipt printout (examination fee, analysis fee, bed fee, medication fee, surgical fee, consumable material fee and medical material fee etc.) is given to the pay patients after the payment operations. You can see the informations such as receipt number, receipt serial number,  payment info (Cash, Credit Card, Check) pay desk queue number, credit group queue number and check group queue number on the receipt.

It is easy to access to payment informations of the patient in detail


Each operation of the patient can be followed-up with one or more pay desk after having recorded in the file. All pay desk users (Central Pay Desk, Emergency Pay Desk, Night Pay Desk, Inpatient Pay Desk, Private Patient Pay Desk etc.) can easily access in detail to the payment information of the whole patients.

It is prevented to invoice the amount to the institution that is paid in cash by the patient. All payment operations can be easily monitored and be removed from the total payment amount. The information of payment made by the pay patient is transmitted automatically to the related department. The pay patients can only realize their examination and treatment operations after completing the payment.

Detailed query information can be realized according to query criterion in all pay desks.

Detailed query information can be realized, performing Entry/Exit/Transfer operations, in all pay desks. The whole necessary reports can be produced by recording and controlling Cash Book, Central Cash, Receipt Book and Receipt Forms. All pay desk operations can be queried with Counter Code or Counter Name. The receipt list of pay desk operations can be queried in the basis of pay desk user and between the wished date/time.
The Pay Desk Module is operating integratedly with all financial modules and Circulating  Capital, Billing and Accounting Module.

Detailed operation statistics can be obtained in pay desks.


Detailed operation statistics (according to date, receipt and payment type ) can be obtained in pay desks. The detailed report printouts can be obtained according to multi-option query criterion. The statistical informations can be obtained in the basis of historical periods, operation, service and department.

As per order, the financial operations of the patient can be resumed by paying

The financial operations of the patient can be resumed by paying in case of modifications in social security profile of the patient (or upon request of the patient). It provides us a configuration that enables the institution patients to realize their payment operations. It realizes the payment operations of the patients with credit card, check etc.

The receipt can be produced for the operations such as bid bond, performance bond, specification cost, extraordinary revenues. The Bid Bond/Performance Bond return operations are available.

Accounting forms are created in the basis of pay desk users.

As per order, a deposit receipt can be edited for the patient and after the operation cost will be removed automatically from the deposit. A refund of money will be realized according to deposit amount. The cancellation and return operations can be realized without any modification. For each return and receipt, an accounting form is created. All pay desk operations can be followed in the basis of pay desk user. The discount is available in the institutions. The personnel who is authorized to make a discount for the unit prices, can make a discount. Total receipt and cancellation numbers can be displayed by each pay desk user while closing the safe.