Unified Accounting System Follow-up.

Unified Accounting System Follow-up is realized within the scope of Ministry of Finance. The tax obligation reports such as withholding, VAT, stamp tax, etc. can be printed. The offsetting forms for the new year can be prepared automatically. The closure and transfer operations for the close of the year can be performed automatically. After closure operations, we won't be able to make changes.

Cost Accounting and Inflation Accounting can be operated.

Cost Accounting (Direct Costing, Direct and Joint Costing, Budget Comparative Accounts, Departmental Charges, Budget comparative expenses, etc.) can be operated. The unit consumable material, stock costs, unit inventory stock material costs can be calculated. The inflation accounting (cost accounting, revenue and expense items, amortization accounting, financial records and charts) can be made.

Quantity accounting operations


Working in an integrated manner with Stock Module, it is possible to prepare regular inventory of the stock materials. The utilization process and entrance-exit operations are followed-up by departmental responsible. An integrated system is available between stock, consumable materials and profit-expense centers. The balance sheet editing, institution summary sheet and lists can be prepared automatically.

Daily pay desk accounting

The collecting of patient bills, cash, credit card and check, deposit receiving, deposit return can be queried at any time in the basis of user and pay desk. Working in an integrated manner with Pay Desk Module, the daily pay desk operations can be recognized. The inventory accounts such as deposit and advance can be followed-up. The feedback of collected bills or the patients can be realized and they are recorded in archival files.

Inventory Stock Chart can be formed


Working in an integrated manner with inventory stock module (fixed asset module) can be followed-up. The revaluation and amortization accounts can be performed. The inventory stock chart, (Inventory stock, inventory stock starting year, etc), inventory stock group offsetting forms, (treasury stock, opening offsetting, etc.),  total inventory stock (total entry, transferred money, accumulated amortization, new amortization, net rise in value) can be prepared. The net rise in value and amortization offsetting can be formed automatically. The inventory stock definitions (Personnel Card, Title Card, Service Card, Unit Card etc.) can be made.

Accounting Forms can be prepared.

Accounting forms (offsetting, collecting, payment), debit note, notice payment, accountable form and assessment writ, transfer letters can be formed. The form entries can be added to the accounts. Accounting form list and accounting form detailed list can be obtained. The temporary form, temporary form list and detailed list can be formed. During form entry, balance control is being made. According to account code query, we can form an accounting list. The requisition writs (request, date, request number, form number, requesting unit, requested unit) can be prepared. The Request Evaluation Commission can be created.

The taxes can be figured out automatically.

During form record (Wage number, forming reason, annotations, form annexes confirmation date, debit/assets, etc.) and the taxes can be figured out automatically. According to tax types; tax deductions are figured out automatically and written on the form. We can form a temporary form then follow with a different wage number.

Account Cards are available.

Account Code/Name, Budget Code, Balance Type (Asset/Debit Balance) are available in Account Cards. The operations between two dates can be followed with Account Cards. Unlimited sub-accounts can be identified. Withholding and Inflation Difference Account can be realized. The balance amount, account name, account code and date are available. The previous account plan, account code/name, budget code, balance type, etc. (Asset/Debit Balance) can be queried.