What are the Advantages ?
With Sisoft Intensive Care Management System Software the advantages of increased digitalization, early warning systems, improved clinical decision support algorithms that help health proffessionals in their decision making, collecting data automatically from Medical Devices (Bed Side Monitor, Blood Gas Analyzers, Ventilators, Infusion Pump Sets etc.), the ability of combining and transforming all data received within the scope of interoperability basis with Healtcare Information Management System (HIMS) softwares, central monitoring of the intesive care data are offered to our institutions.

 Our ICIMS Specs 

  • Integration Capabilities
  • Bed Side Monitors
  • Blood Gas Analyzers
  • Dialisys Devices
  • ECG
  • Hemoglobin Testers
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Standard Medical Procedures and HL7 Messaging Standards are provided.
Decision Support Applications
The constant monitoring of the patient is ensured by the interpretation of the data obtained from the devices with the usage of smart notifications in cases such as Sepsis or Acidosis that may occur.
Alarms Early Warning Systems
Notification of sudden changes in the vital data of the patient (respiration, heart rate, etc.) that may affect the vital status are automatically conveyed to the nurse and doctor in charge with an alarm mechanism, and the status information is transmitted.
Intensive Care Level Calculation
The data of the Intensive Care patients are automatically interpreted by the system and the levels of intensive care calculated, which ensures the treatement of the patients in the correct intensive care unit and cost savings.